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Collect all drawings, documents and parts lists in one location and integrate your ERP system with the PRO.FILE Product Data Backbone.

Product development processes are getting shorter and shorter. In order to maintain an overview, it is important that product data is properly stored and that the correct documents can be retrieved quickly. With PRO.FILE all data and documents related to products, parts and materials can be managed at a very detailed level and forms the Product Data Backbone for all digital information relevant to a product. You use one system to manage all your product-related documents.
This requires seamless integration of PDM, CAD, ERP and Microsoft Office.
The result: transparent relationships between your product data, related documents and e-mails and insight into processes, customer satisfaction and compliance.


PRO.FILE supports the introduction of eCl@ss at companies and facilitates an improved item classification

eCl@ss is a classification procedure that is mostly used in industrial environments and ensures a uniform and universally valid naming for products. The result is a solid basis for cooperation with internal and external customers. The design, production, purchasing, quality management, maintenance and service departments also benefit from the benefits of introducing eCl@ss.
The use of eCl@ss in PRO.FILE quickly results in good "master data." Through a unique naming and identification of objects, duplication in the product administration is avoided and the variety of parts is reduced.

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