Product Data

Collect all drawings, documents and parts lists in one location and integrate your ERP system with the PRO.FILE Product Data Backbone.

Product development processes are getting shorter and shorter. In order to maintain an overview, it is important that product data is properly stored and that the correct documents can be retrieved quickly. With PRO.FILE all data and documents related to products, parts and materials can be managed at a very detailed level and forms the Product Data Backbone for all digital information relevant to a product. You use one system to manage all your product-related documents.
This requires seamless integration of PDM, CAD, ERP and Microsoft Office.
The result: transparent relationships between your product data, related documents and e-mails and insight into processes, customer satisfaction and compliance.

Smart Customization

The supply-driven manufacturing industry is increasingly transforming itself into a demand-driven industry

At many of our customers we see an increasing need to provide customer-specific solutions with very short delivery times and at low costs. The supply-driven manufacturing industry is in fact increasingly transforming itself into a demand-driven industry called 'mass customization'. In addition, the delivery time and price are also more under pressure. Through so-called 'smart customization', companies in the manufacturing industry can respond to this by combining the flexibility of Engineering To Order (ETO) strategy with the effectiveness and efficiency of the Assemble To Order (ATO) strategy in order to use a Configure To Order (CTO). ) strategy to complete projects quickly and smartly.

The infills of 'smart customization' in the manufacturing industry are often very diverse. In addition to the countless Excel sheets in which one tries to rationalize and standardize the building blocks of the product portfolio in order to generate (customer) specific variants, there are of course also the island solutions such as a sales and / or product configurator. Although the latter are perfectly capable of quickly generating a variant, it often remains a solution of the sales and / or engineering departments and not of all departments involved.

The added value of PRO.FILE:
The implementation of 'smart customization' with PRO.FILE PLM, on the other hand, is an end-to-end solution that benefits all disciplines within the organization. Because this initiative is fully part of the digital product data backbone, it forms an integral whole with all relevant PLM processes such as change and configuration management.

The result is an interpretation of 'smart customization' that not only ensures flexible, effective and efficient fulfillment of customer requests, but also that the product portfolio can grow with both the company and the market itself. As a result, products can be put on the market sooner by a reduction of the development time by 25% and the costs can also decrease by up to 30-40% through smart reuse and classification!

Read more about Classification and variant management

Smart Customization is not possible without end-to-end product data management

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