Product Data

Collect all drawings, documents and parts lists in one location and integrate your ERP system with the PRO.FILE Product Data Backbone.

Product development processes are getting shorter and shorter. In order to maintain an overview, it is important that product data is properly stored and that the correct documents can be retrieved quickly. With PRO.FILE all data and documents related to products, parts and materials can be managed at a very detailed level and forms the Product Data Backbone for all digital information relevant to a product. You use one system to manage all your product-related documents.
This requires seamless integration of PDM, CAD, ERP and Microsoft Office.
The result: transparent relationships between your product data, related documents and e-mails and insight into processes, customer satisfaction and compliance.

Classification and variant management

PRO.FILE provides version and variant management thanks to flexible and transparent classification methods

It is crucial to be able to unambiguously identify each part and every document within the production process. PRO.FILE provides you with flexible and transparent classification methods for version and variant management. PRO.FILE has extensive and easy to use search and preview tool and shows clear and structured result lists. The time spent searching for product information is reduced to a minimum. Synchronizing article master data is an important aspect of the integration of ERP and PDM. Uniform data is essential for a seamless, error-free process and contributes to a clear cost reduction. PRO.FILE automatically sends article master data from engineering to work preparation, production and purchasing. Conversely, engineering receives information about standard articles and articles that have the preference of purchasing. The PDM software automatically compares the names and properties of articles. This prevents work preparation and production parts and assemblies from giving different names. The result is pure and uniform parts management.

Classification lists of characteristics (CLC) and the eClass within PRO.FILE ensure that each part and every document can be uniquely identified by maintaining consistent indications. This prevents double entry and unnecessary redevelopments. With PRO.FILE you can define custom taxonomies, classifications that comply with applicable standards and own product classifications.

Your advantages: you do not have to keep reinventing the wheel, the variety of parts is reduced.

The added value of PRO.FILE:

  • Search functions based on functions of a searched part make finding and reuse accessible.
  • PRO.FILE Classification and taxonomy functionality, possibly based on eCl@ss, ensures uniform terminology.
  • PRO.FILE Managed copy supports the administration to realize variants and customer-specific products, based on available standard parts.


  • Parts and documents are recognizable based on function and other parameters.
  • Flexibility and diversity in processing customer order-driven products thanks to a flexible configuration based on standard modules.
  • Standards can be monitored.
  • PLM reduces variety and therefore costs.
  • Articles and parts are easily found, so less searching and more efficiency.

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