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"Creating a foundation for PDM and DMS in effectively 2 to 3 weeks."
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ESTEPE was aware of the need for good Product Data Management but dreaded the implementation time and costs. Other offers were out of budget, risky, and expensive to maintain. Furthermore, there was never a good time for introduction. This was the case until ESTEPE was proposed to fill in PDM with the fully preconfigured PRO.FILE Best Practice Starter Pack. This provided ESTEPE with the desired PDM solution for an agreed investment and a limited implementation time. The benefits are evident; limited interruption of the busy work of our engineers and IT and minimal risks!

About the introduction of PRO.FILE and its purpose

Jan Hurkmans, Commercial and Technical Director: "Based on the PRO.FILE Best Practice Starter Pack approach, offered by PLM Xpert, we are able to lay a foundation for PDM (Product Data Management) and the DMS (Document Management) needs within ESTEPE in effective 2 to 3 weeks. The preconfigured PRO.FILE Classification system of parts also offered us the possibility to make a jump-start. Of course, this Classification must gradually be completed with the parts / models that we often use in our industry. Our advantage is that our engineers can quickly draw on our standard parts and reuse them. The great thing about PRO.FILE that at a later stage, we can develop the PDM basis we now have, into a PLM (Lifecycle Management) solution for the entire company.”

About ESTEPE: 'More Truck'

ESTEPE specializes in optimizing and supplementing the product range of European truck manufacturers. In recent years, it has developed from a supplier to a co-engineer and strategic partner of the major truck manufacturers. This is reflected in the customization that ESTEPE provides, the strong project-based approach and an integrated product approach. Since its foundation in 1984, quality has been a thread in all ESTEPE's activities. The activities can be divided into four disciplines: Cabin modification; adjustments to both the interior and the exterior. Chassis optimization; from adding axles to changing the wheelbase. Complete vehicles; vehicles from light distribution to aircraft replenishment More Truck Solutions; from strategic thinking to co-engineering for large projects. Thanks to this diversity of options, customers can find everything under one roof. From installing a light box to large projects where both the chassis and the cabin are modified. The slogan "More Truck" in the ESTEPE logo was therefore not simply chosen. ESTEPE helps the customer to get the most out of their truck (s).

View Jan Hurkmans' testimonial about the application of PRO.FILE at ESTEPE.

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