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"Create a foundation for PDM and DMS in 2 to 3 weeks"
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ESTEPE was aware of the necessity of good Product Data Management. ESTEPE found in PRO.FILE the solution within budget and implementation time. ESTEPE made the choice for complete PDM with the fully pre-configured PRO.FILE Best Practice Starter Pack. With this solution ESTEPE implemented the desired PDM solution against an agreed investment and a limited implementation time. The advantages are evident; limited interruption of the busy work of the engineers and IT and minimal risks!

About the implementation of PRO.FILE

Jan Hurkmans, Financial and Technical Director, "Based on the PRO.FILE Best Practice Starter Pack approach offered by PLM Xpert, we are able to create the foundation for PDM (Product Data Management) and DMS (Document Management) in effective 2 to 3 weeks. The preconfigured PRO.FILE classification system of parts also gave us the opportunity to make a jumpstart. Of course, this classification has to be further supplemented with the parts / models that we use a lot in our industry. then our engineers can quickly draw from our standard parts and reuse them. The value of PRO.FILE is that at a later moment we can extend the PDM base to a PLM (Lifecycle Management) solution for the entire company. "

ESTEPE: 'More Truck'

ESTEPE is the strategic partner of the European truck manufacturers and the truck body industry when it comes to supplementing the standard product range of truck manufacturers.
ESTEPE’s market are niches with a substantial market potential which truck manufacturers cannot cost-effectively handle. This includes cabin modifications, chassis optimizations and additional axles to make them suitable for a wide variety of uses and transport sectors throughout Europe. These market sectors have a growing need for specific cabin and chassis variants that are not available ex-factory.
With the ‘More Truck’ philosophy ESTEPE delivers the customer a comprehensive solution and therefore more than just a product. ‘More Truck’ stands for a clearly defined development project, tailor-made advice upon purchase, a structured execution of an order, and 24/7 service when the product is on the road.

View the testimonial of Jan Hurkmans about the application of PRO.FILE at ESTEPE

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