Project management

More control over technical projects and documents

Manage your projects and related documents based on the integrated project and document structure. Reports and dashboards help you identify the weaknesses of your projects and processes and actively improve them.

Project management

PRO.CEED Projects Application Package

The PRO.CEED Projects Application Package gives an organization insight into the progress of projects and gives project teams control over all current projects. It provides project leaders with direct operational control and monitoring of technical projects and documents.

PRO.FILE project management provides greater team satisfaction, full transparency of all activities and faster processing of tasks. Project leaders can view all data and documents of their project from a bird's eye view:

  • Project schedules
  • Minutes
  • Resource plans
  • Calculations
  • Correspondence with customers and suppliers

The management of a project does not only entail a comprehensive planning, but also an integral view of the current progress of the project in relation to the overall planning. Clarity about the current status of the project is crucial.

With PRO.FILE you can record the information flows, from project correspondence via e-mail to as-built documentation.

  • You plan your resources with Microsoft Project and use PRO.CEED to monitor, manage and document the progress of your projects.
  • Your project members always have the most up-to-date documents and data at the start of their task.
  • PRO.CEED is equipped with integrated dashboards and reports that give you insight into the status of all projects at any time.
    Existing project documents serve as templates for new projects and email traffic becomes part of the project correspondence. Recording structures, workflows and managing changes support the project team in organizing and monitoring the project.

Your project and process management are structured and transparently linked to the processes for product data and document management.

The added value of PRO.FILE with PRO.CEED:

  • Preventing missing project documents, emails or a clear status.
  • Prevention of miscommunication thanks to the clear relationship between the planning, tasks to be performed and documents to be delivered / received.
  • Sharing documents / drawings with customers and suppliers no longer takes time or effort.
  • The data is well protected.
  • The project documents and e-mails are always accessible in the correct (latest) version.
  • Thanks to PRO.CEED project and task management, a schedule with tasks as a template can be started and the built-in Gantt chart is transparent.
  • With PRO.FILE transmittals in combination with PROOM data can be disclosed to partners via secure project spaces.


  • Projects stay 'On time' and 'on budget'

How does it work?

Under a main project it is easy to create subprojects that create a workable structure in the project. In this way, the project can be structured on the basis of milestones and / or disciplines. Such a project structure can also serve as a template at the start of a project. The desired project coding is also automatically created.

Documents such as drawings, specifications, contracts, quality documents and mailing lists can then be stored and linked directly to the projects. E-mail traffic is also an important part of the project correspondence. With the integration in your E-mail system you can easily include an E-mail in the project.

Establishing structures, workflows and controlling changes and assigning project specific roles to project team members helps to organize and monitor the project. With PRO.FILE you naturally record the information flows. From project / order correspondence via e-mail to as-built documentation.

Organize and plan

Whatever the task may be: the development of a new pump, the assembly of a machine, the organization of a trade fair or the launch of a new product, with PRO.FILE the management of all project work and information is organized and structured.

Specific characteristics can be assigned for each group of documents, making it easy to retrieve the documents at a later stage.

The PRO.FILE application areas

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