The digital exchange platform for documents in manufacturing companies and for external collaboration

Exchanging files at the click of a button. Confidential and transparent exchange of technical documents and files in the collaboration with customers, partners, and suppliers.


Making an impact together by exchanging files in virtual teams

In technical companies, files are often shared and collaborated on across company lines. In doing so, it is essential that the right files are made available at the right time and that they can be exchanged with ease regardless of their size or the amount of documents. Conventional methods like email and FTP fail to live up to these requirements.

PROOM provides a single platform for manufacturing companies to quickly and easily exchange their confidential information and to collaborate externally. The PROOM digital platform is ideally suited for manufacturing companies within the context of an “extended workbench“, for example when collaborating with design departments, development partners, service providers or customers. Such collaboration requires confidentiality, strict access control and seamless exchange of files, of various formats and sizes.
Collaboration in projects across departments and companies can only be fruitful when everyone involved has reliable access to the latest, up to date information all the time.

PROOM replaces conventional email and FTP solutions with modern, cloud-based project rooms.

The added value of PRO.FILE with PROOM:

  • Everybody is up to date: Once they have been connected to PROOM, documents will be automatically synchronized, giving every project member instant access to the same documents in their most current versions.
  • No more guesswork: The project room provides full control over who is authorized to do what and when and keeps a log of all activities.
  • Everyone is in the loop: PROOM integrates with your existing environment and processes.
  • Everybody follows the same rules: Access controls are in place and all document-related activities are logged to ensure compliance standards are met.
  • Benefit from a confidential way to exchange development and design data and technical project documents of any size.
  • Use virtual project rooms to seamlessly integrate your processes with those of your partners.
  • Connect with PROOM once and synchronize everything automatically. Always the latest version, updated in real time.
  • The easy way to exchange confidential documents with your customers, partners, and suppliers.
  • Mobile access to the data you need when you need it, whether in the field, in the office or on the road.
  • Encrypted data transfer with access rights.

Experience the benefits that PROOM offers and sign up for the 30-day free trial without any obligations.

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