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"Doesburg Components is fully committed to automation"
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Doesburg Components is a direct supplier of high-quality cast iron components to customers in the truck, engine and agricultural sector and provides end customers such as DAF, Scania and Deutz with the complete process from development to the delivery of 'ready to use' end components. The company, located in Nieuw Bergen, specializes in the mechanical processing of cast iron components as well as the application of assembly and additional work, if requested by the customer.
As a mechanical processor, Doesburg Components is part of a larger group, the Gietburg Holding.

About the implementation of PRO.FILE and its purpose

Doesburg Components is fully committed to automation and wants to grow into the example of industry 4.0 in the coming years. Doesburg Components
Comprehensive revision management and guaranteeing quality processes are of great importance in the automotive supply industry. For correct and traceable processing of this data in projects and processes, the introduction of a PLM system is a 'must-have'. This versatile process of development and production involves a large amount of data and documents that are processed according to APQP procedures. The latter, advanced product quality planning (APQP), is a set of procedures and techniques used to develop products, particularly in the automotive industry.
APQP is a defined process for General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and their suppliers and sets strict requirements for the way suppliers should organize their organization. Meeting those requirements is therefore a time-consuming activity and a burden for the organization without an adequate document management system

How it's done' by RTL Z

Did you miss the broadcast of the TV program 'How it's done' by RTL Z - in which PLM Xpert is a guest at Doesburg Components? We would like to share this item with you.

With an impressive automated and robotized machine park, mechanical casting parts are processed into ready-made truck parts for all major truck brands.

Cool to see how this company grows and prospers. For example, a number of new CNC processing machines and an assembly line are currently being started up in a new production hall for large MTU engines that are used in yachts, among other things. The #AGV is also entering to organize efficient material flows.

It's great that we can make a modest contribution to the digitalization of Doesburg Components with PRO.FILE. With PRO.FILE, this customer has a grip on the status and versions of all product-related data, including #CAD models and drawings and the implementation of changes that must be managed according to strict automotive standards!