Authorisation & Control

Toegangsrechten voor gebruikers en gebruikersgroepen. De juiste data en documenten accuraat en direct beschikbaar voor specifieke PRO.FILE gebruikers.

PRO.FILE biedt de mogelijkheid tot het integraal structuren en organiseren van projecten en de daarbij behorende documentstromen en planning. Dit resulteert in een logische structuur van groepen met, de voor die groepen, specifieke documenten.

Authorisation & Control

Access rights for users and user groups. The right data and documents are accurate and immediately available for specific PRO.FILE users.

PRO.FILE offers the possibility to integrally structure and organize projects and the corresponding document flows and planning. This results in a logical structure of groups with specific documents for those groups.

Companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of sharing large amounts of data and documents in projects with others, both internally between departments and in various collaborations. These data and documents must then be accurately and immediately available. Security of and clarity about access to the data and documents is important as well as recording who has done what and when with this information.

The added value of PRO.FILE:

  • Efficient design processes require a method to support procedures. PRO.FILE ensures that it is clear who / what can implement.
  • All knowledge of the company is in the CAD models and other documents. PRO.FILE prevents unauthorized access to this.
  • An engineer can have permission to change something in project X, but can not just do something in project Y.
  • The PRO.FILE user administratively determines the access rights for users and user groups.
  • PRO.FILE status of networks define access rights (read, modify, delete) for document types.
  • With PRO.FILE project roles are permissions to give access to data and project specific data and documents.


  • Reliable data quality
  • Reducing the risk of data theft
  • High transparency in the field of authorization

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