PLM Xpert is Data Management Specialist for mechanical and plant engineering companies, automotive suppliers, and industrial and medical device manufacturers in the Benelux. The PLM Xpert Team consist of an enthusiastic, driven and skilled team of professionals and is entirely focused on improving efficiency and productivity by making documents and data being available at any time during the business process. Next to the quantitative improvements is the quality of the information and the processes a significant result of our solution. Besides giving analyses and advice in this area, our specialists take care of delivery, implementation and support of the Data Management program. We focus on three directions: Managing Processes and Documents, Controlling Project communication and Project information, Product Data Management (PDM/PLM) and Product Configuration.

PLM Xpert Services

We have a clear focus on your goals and simple, honest solutions. Use our know-how and professional support when you need it.

Our services aim to ensure the efficiency of your processes. We are convinced that you can achieve your goal more quickly with configuration than with customization. We implement your project step by step and work closely with you. You will experience immediate results and you can configure the system yourself. We call this the EASY.CON approach.
The PRO.FILE Service Packs are ready for use, giving the software the certainty of continuous availability and significantly low Cost of Ownership.
PLM Xpert customers can count on extensive support when using PRO.FILE. They benefit from a wide range of possibilities to maximize the functionality of the PRO.FILE software. Our Xperts provide support for all support questions concerning the deployment and application of PRO.FILE in the organization. The technical staff of our support can be reached during workdays and business hours. We are happy to help you keep PRO.FILE operational. Our customers are very satisfied with our services and we are proud of that.

Our PRO.FILE 3x3 success formula: Simple, Secure, Efficient

  1. The PRO.FILE user interface is simple and logical to use
  2. Secure about the status of all information through unambiguous storage, authorization and recording
  3. Efficient work performance and overview of all documents, tasks and projects
  1. Simple to manage and adjust independently thanks to the Management Console
  2. Due to the modular structure, the software can be used efficiently and built up according to current needs. Certified standard CAD and ERP integrations are direct available.
  3. Service Packs are ready for use, which means that the software offers the security of continuous availability and a high degree of security. Demonstrable low Cost of Ownership.
  1. Standard integrations and preconfigured software make the introduction of PRO.FILE simple
  2. An efficient implementation in 8 steps and the adaptability of templates, workflows, forms and authorizations reduce the time required for configuration
  3. Thanks to the reliability of the PRO.FILE Software and our many years of experience, we guarantee you the certainty of a successful implementation.

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