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"PDM offers a solid basis for rapid construction of modular decentralized energy systems."
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Who does not know them, the red aggregates of Bredenoord. Seen along the roadside, in construction projects, at events and in the industry. In recent years, Bredenoord has experienced strong international growth as a developer and supplier of mobile and fixed decentralized energy systems. Partly thanks to modular construction, the supply of reliable, efficient and sustainable energy installations has increased significantly. The management of SolidWorks CAD data via PRO.FILE ensures a more efficient production process.

About the introduction of PRO.FILE and its purpose

Produce faster with the correct data from the PDM system
In recent years, Bredenoord has invested in the design of modular systems. The structure of aggregates is broadly the same, there are only minor differences in software and hardware per type of aggregate. Bredenoord makes almost all designs itself. Nevertheless, when starting new production, it often took over a week to find the correct documents and provide them with clarifications. With PRO.FILE all documents, sometimes more than 1000 per product, are now immediately available. Partial drawings are linked to the CAD data of the total design (for example a door or a control panel). In this way, each component can be ordered at the right supplier. Also, performance data of the applied engines and other main components, and an overview per product where parts have been applied, are visible.
Linking provides efficiency
PRO.FILE and SolidWorks are linked to the ERP system at Bredenoord. This ensures, among other things, that a bill of material (BOM) is generated based on the CAD data, with which the purchasing department can start immediately. This shortens the lead time to production, allowing customers to be served faster. Suppliers are also assured of the most recent data, which makes Bredenoord a reliable partner. Now that the management of mechanical CAD data is satisfactory,
the company based in Apeldoorn is also looking at other functionalities of PRO.FILE. It is already being used as a document management system for administration of rental aggregates. Extensions with Electro CAD and, for example, managing the invoice flow are examined, together with PLM Xpert as an involved partner.

About Bredenoord

Bredenoord supplies reliable electricity, especially in places where energy is not always certain or sufficiently available. The family business based in Apeldoorn is constantly working on innovative solutions that focus on non-fossil fuels, increasing efficiency and reducing emissions. This way, customers are also assured of energy in the future. CAD data management is also essential in the further development of the latest solutions such as the Big Battery Box for large-scale energy storage.

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