Reduction of data diversity

The same data for everyone. Employees from different departments and with different functions all see the same data.

If parts and documents cannot be found at once, they must be 'redesigned' with great effort and expense. Uniform data is essential for a seamless, error-free process and contributes to a clear cost reduction. This is especially important when there are business locations in different countries. From eternal searching to quick finding.

Reduction of data diversity

One single source of truth

Transcending Limited Visibility

Some companies still rely on dedicated departmental/point solutions to store their data, which is often the cause of data silos. To avoid these silos, PRO.FILE, the next generation platform, provides a central data repository and a different application design for each department. In addition to collecting and organizing data, PRO.FILE completely destroys configurability, allowing users to make changes themselves.
Avoid data silos/ point solutions!

Employees who are looking for current and correct information about a machine, assembly or part must be able to find it easily without having to ask colleagues or even former employees. PRO.FILE automatically sends article master data from engineering to work preparation, production and purchasing. Conversely, engineering receives information about standard articles and articles that have the preference of purchasing. The PDM software automatically compares the names and properties of articles. This prevents work preparation and production parts and assemblies from giving different names. The result is pure and uniform. Synchronizing article master data is an important aspect of the integration of ERP and PDM.

Users can configure PRO.FILE to meet the needs of each individual organization, leading to faster implementation. Ready-made application packages make process flows simple and efficient. Cloud-based deployment ensures digital product engineering and digital product management can travel with your team, no matter where you are.

Digital Twin

In many companies there is no record of how data from the product life cycle are related. This information is usually only stored in the minds of employees. As soon as engineering and product management data are digitally recorded in the Product Data Backbone of a PLM system, they immediately become transparent and visible to everyone. For example, the data provides input for the product development process or can serve as a basis for impact analyzes for predictable maintenance without having to create new versions. We call this a digital thread

The digital information twin. PRO.FILE is the foundation.

A digital information twin forms the basis for a digital twin.
This applies during initial design as well as during production, commissioning and operational monitoring of the machine. For example, in order to virtually commission a machine, the data in the PLM system must first be complete and available end-to-end.
IoT data fed back from the operational environment is very valuable for product development and product management. They can draw relevant conclusions from this and let them flow directly into the improvement process (change management). The product life cycle thus becomes a closed-loop PLM system.
PRO.FILE is ideally suited for building digital information twins, with which digital concepts can be created or machines can be put into operation virtually. PRO.FILE creates the digital product data backbone that links product and dependency knowledge between departments. Whether teams are planning a go-to-market, managing contracts, or mitigating risk, the digital thread ensures they understand the context behind their actions. This is a crucial step toward creating smarter strategies and making better, data-driven decisions.

The added value of PRO.FILE:

  • Search functions, visualization and clear display of search results make it easier to find the right information.
  • The PRO.FILE graphical user screens, reference lists and messages are multilingual. Every user finds the results in the native language.
  • With PRO.FILE you can organize and classify data with maximum transparency and accessibility.
  • Reducing the diversity of components leads to savings in inventory, data management and maintenance / service.

The PRO.FILE application areas

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