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The amount of data continues to increase.....data management in relation to your business goals

What are your goals? More efficiency? Shorter lead times? More insight into your processes and projects so that timely adjustments are possible? Every company active in the manufacturing industry today is concerned with Product Data and Lifecycle Management, whether you call it that or not. From the first prototype to service and spare-part management, your product data goes through different stages and processes, supported by different IT systems. With PRO.FILE you can move step by step from CAD data management to an end-to-end PLM solution. One Product Data Backbone for all your product data and documents.

PRO.FILE makes the lives of technical companies a lot easier. And ensures lasting success

Goal setting is an essential part of your business strategy. You want to ensure that your team is moving cohesively in the right direction. The amount of data is constantly increasing and managing all this data is particularly complex, because it plays a role throughout the entire life cycle of a product and therefore must be viewed from an end-to-end perspective. In addition, to promote integrated collaboration between all departments, data must be able to be shared. This is still often done by hand. But it is precisely the manual transfer of data from one system to another that carries a permanent risk of errors.

The added value of PRO.FILE:

  • Improve quantity and quality in your projects, product development and processes.
  • Management of projects
  • Streamlining document processes,
  • Implementing changes
  • Managing 3D CAD data and parts lists
  • Linking engineering data with logistics (ERP).
  • Collaboration with external parties such as your customers and suppliers.

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