Digitalization Solutions

PLM Xpert is your leading partner in the digitalization of product lifecycle management. With our digitalization solutions we stimulate innovation and efficiency within your organization. Our suite, consisting of PRO.FILE, PRO.CEED, PROOM and the PRO.FILE Configurator, is specially designed to optimize your business processes, improve collaboration and streamline data management.

PDM, PLM, DMS and CPQ in one powerful solution

Our powerful Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that forms the backbone of your digitalization strategy. PRO.FILE ensures seamless integration of product data and document management throughout the entire lifecycle of your products, from design to phase-out. This tool gives you full control and transparency over your product data, allowing you to innovate faster and more efficiently.

The perfect complement to PRO.FILE, PRO.CEED automates and optimizes your business processes. This solution provides customizable workflow management features that ensure streamlined execution of projects and processes. With PRO.CEED you increase productivity, reduce errors and ensure consistent execution of business processes.

Our secure, cloud-based solution for project collaboration and document exchange. PROOM ensures that teams can work together efficiently, regardless of their location. By providing a central, secure environment for sharing documents and project information, PROOM helps accelerate project cycles and improve decision-making.

PRO.FILE Configurator
This tool enables companies to digitalize their product configuration processes. The PRO.FILE Configurator allows users to easily configure and manage complex product variants, resulting in faster time-to-market and higher customer satisfaction.

PDM, PLM, DMS and CPQ in one powerful solution

PRO.FILE digitalization solutions:

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