Workflow and Process management

Turn the processes and procedures in your organization into simple workflows and regulated process steps

Are many people involved in your PLM processes? Are tasks performed using the same steps over and over again? Do laws and regulations have to be adhered to? Then consider automating your PLM processes.

Workflow & Process management

Why automate processes?

With PRO.FILE Process Management it is possible to manage and automate frequently occurring processes. Why automate processes?
What many companies encounter is delays in communication between employees and between departments, with the result that the turnaround time of a task is too long and that deadlines are not met. Tasks are often created in MS Outlook and there is no possibility to delegate tasks, allocate escalations or make documents part of a project. However, it is essential that the necessary documents are available at a task, at the scheduled time, to prevent a lot of time being spent on searching.

With PRO.FILE you manage and document all your business processes. With PRO.FILE Process management you have access to all templates, forms, incoming documents and CAD models that you need at the start of a process. All data is immediately available from the beginning to the end of the process and with the Escalation Management functionality no task remains unfinished.
PRO.FILE Process Management gives you a grip on your business processes and makes it easy to comply with applicable regulations and standards.

PRO.FILE Process Management for transparency and adherence to schedules in projects.

  • PRO.FILE Process Management gives you an overview because all processes are mapped.

  • With Microsoft Visio you describe your processes by recording all parallel and/or consecutive tasks step by step, making it easier for the user to follow the logistics of the process.

  • With PRO.CEED you start and document these processes and add the required data and documents for each task. After completing the process, you will receive the final versions of the documents and deliverables.

  • You use PRO.CEED to monitor, manage and document the progress of your projects.

  • Your project members always have the most up-to-date documents and data at the start of their task.

  • PRO.CEED is equipped with integrated dashboards and reports that give you insight into the status of all projects at any time.

  • Your advantages: transparency in your business processes and in regulations, standards and legislation and regulations, improvement of the delivery times in your projects, the possibility to operate regulated markets.

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The added value of PRO.FILE

  • PRO.FILE Process management monitors and secures process steps.
  • PRO.FILE supports companies in complying with mandatory regulations.
  • PRO.FILE escalation management indicates that the planning may be exceeded.
  • PRO.FILE automatically saves all project-relevant documents and assists with delivery.


  • You can meet quality requirements in regulated markets
  • There is more transparency and compliance with the planning in projects.

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