Autodesk professional choose the PRO.FILE vault!

Fortunately, Autodesk users have a choice when it comes to managing your Inventor CAD data.

You can choose Basic or Professional, but what are the consequences of choosing one of the two? They are two different systems, where one is too limited in options and has no roadmap, the other does not match your business processes and does not offer integrated DMS and CPQ functionality.

PRO.FILE is the backbone for your data and literally forms the backbone for your product data and documents.

What PRO.FILE can offer Autodesk users

During this Awareness Webinar we will give you an idea of ​​the PDM/PLM world and provide tools to determine your own data management strategy, tailored to what is important for your organization. For example, we look at the importance of a data backbone, a digital thread and digital twin, but also at CAD data management and configuration management and the role of PDM/PLM in combination with ERP. We also highlight project and document management and how they interact. Just like being able to connect later to the CTO path with CPQ and an integrated Configurator.

Awareness Webinar in Dutch

PRO.FILE is the digital information brain that offers you:

  • Freedom of choice for PDM & PLM.
  • One digital source to ensure that the right data is available at the right time.
  • No SAAS or Subscription obligation.
  • Integrated DMS and CPQ functionality
  • Extensive interfaces and APIs provide remote access to data and functions on various devices and apps.
  • More time for creativity and design, less time spent on routines
  • Really digitize instead of automate

Convinced of the power of PRO.FILE ?

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With our successful approach we ensure the optimal return of PRO.FILE for its customers. With more than 100,000 workstations, PRO.FILE is now one of the leading DMS/PLM systems in SMEs and larger medium-sized businesses.

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