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Replacement end of live system
Boschman Advanced packaging technology has replaced the outdated system Automanager for PRO.FILE. All data (SolidWorks and MS Office) is now centrally stored in the product data backbone PRO.FILE. Boschman's early involvement in the development process with customers' R&D departments is a prerequisite for the company to obtain the highest quality, reliable processes, lowest cost of ownership and shortest time-to-market. PRO.FILE as a Data Backbone is therefore the right tool for Boschman.

About the introduction of PRO.FILE and its purpose

The Engineering department at Boschman worked with a very outdated system intended for AutoCAD. However, this supported SolidWorks insufficient. PRO.FILE was able to fully fulfil the need for good SolidWorks version and revision management and the need to create and freeze releases.

PRO.FILE Best Practice = proven functionality!
The entire implementation process has remained close to the PRO.FILE Best Practice. As a result, Boschman has a flexible product data backbone. In the future, this will allow them to further expand the environment themselves, through configuration, into a digitization platform with which the lifecycle of documents, projects and products can be managed.

The return is already there!
The large amount of SolidWorks data, which has all been migrated, saves the engineers considerable time. In addition to CAD data, the PRO.FILE environment also has very strong Document Management functionality, which means that all product-related documents are stored in one environment. Full integration with SAP has been delivered so that bills of materials are fully automatically transferred to SAP upon release.

About Boschman Advanced packaging technology

The high-tech and solution-oriented company Boschman Advanced packaging technology , based in Duiven, focuses on advanced packaging solutions. Boschman specializes in the development and delivery of advanced transfer molding and sintering systems. In addition to developing and delivering advanced equipment solutions, Boschman regularly collaborates with customers' R&D departments to jointly develop and research innovative packaging concepts.

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