Multisite Collaboration

Collaboration beyond company borders

Companies using PRO.FILE can collaborate at different locations using ETOR. This powerful Collaborative PLM solution makes collaboration between international development teams a lot easier.

Multisite Collaboration

PRO.FILE ETOR; Collaborate effectively, regardless of time and distance

Collaborative PLM is no longer a luxury, but an absolute necessity in a world where not only large corporations, but also smaller and medium-sized companies in the mechanical engineering or automotive supply industry develop products at company locations all over the world. Collaboration between internationally distributed teams must be coordinated and synchronized so that everyone has quick access to the most up-to-date data.

ETOR does this by replicating the development data. In concrete terms, this means that all data is made available locally at every business location. So there is no need to communicate with the central server to open, read, edit, display and save CAD data.

This provides teams spread across the globe with a scalable Collaborative PLM solution.

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Enterprise Transaction Orientated Replication

Coordination and data replication across site boundaries

The added value of PRO.FILE:

  • Access to stored data is available without waiting at all locations in the world.
  • Teams working in different locations use a common platform to share data reliably.
  • PRO.FILE Check-in and Check-out and locking mechanism prevents conflicts and offers reliable Concurrent engineering technology in combination with (3D) CAD.
  • PRO.FILE ETOR is the solution for replicated data and Multisite data management.
  • PRO.FILE users can work and collaborate on the same data in different locations.
  • Changes in the design no longer lead to conflicts with other adjustments by other employees.
  • The PRO.FILE WebClient provides access to all data and documents without having to install local software.
  • With the visualization of PRO.FILE, users can search, read and modify and approve at any location at the same time.
  • Third parties can gain access with limited authorization.


  • Competitor engineering shortens the development time.
  • Efficient collaboration and standardization reduces costs.
  • Decide faster, based on hard current facts.
  • Up to date at any time and anywhere.

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