"Total process control is a must for a project company like DEMACO."
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Total process control is a must for a project company like DEMACO. That is why the specialist in refrigeration technology (cryogenics) is making steady steps towards automation. They want to do this by, among other things, making further use of the expansion options of their PLM software - PRO.FILE. "Our ambition is to go paperless as much as possible, and to transform from engineering-to-order to configure-to-order" says engineering & procurement manager Marco Roos.
DEMACO saw the bigger picture and started introducing PRO.FILE step-by-step company wide.

About the introduction of PRO.FILE and its purpose

In a world with complex products and systems, turnkey projects and an ever-changing customer demand, a solid IT foundation is indispensable. A few years ago, DEMACO renewed the entire server park. All workstations were upgraded and the CAD system for 2D and 3D drawings (Solid Edge) was integrated with the PLM platform, PRO.FILE. Initially, DEMACO used PRO.FILE only for the management of 3D models and 2D production drawings, so only the Engineering department worked with it. But by also including document management, PRO.FILE has gradually become the glue between all disciplines: employees from Sales to Service now work with it. The PRO.FILE options are also used to support modularization and standardization and to facilitate the transition from an eto strategy to a cto strategy. DEMACO explored the added value the PLM software can offer - especially when it is used by all disciplines - and gradually took steps to exploit those opportunities. It always starts where the pain is worst, but Demaco saw the bigger picture and has gradually expanded PRO.FILE company-wide from product data backbone to digitization platform. Another improvement is the elimination of the manual step of linking the current ERP system after renewal with PRO.FILE and thus the parts lists and Solid Edge data. There is also a first plan to be able to put processes in the PRO.CEED module of PRO.FILE and DEMACO integrates the e-mail traffic company-wide by linking attachments to projects in PRO.FILE. In this way, everyone always has the same attachment from one source, which can be searched without wasting time and which is certain to be the single source of truth. Further steps in organizational optimization and IT automation are still in store.


Demaco is the leading knowledge-driven cryogenic infrastructure partner for industrial gas companies, scientific institutes and EP&C contractors worldwide. The cryogenic specialists, Cryogeniuses, advise, design, develop, produce, test and install customer-specific vacuum insulated solutions within the field of Demaco; cryogenics. Cryogenic technique. A highly specialized area of knowledge. It is the technique that deals with extremely low temperatures (-160 degrees Celsius and below) using liquid industrial gases as a refrigerant. This goes hand in hand with high vacuum, because cryogenic technology simply requires extreme insulation and high vacuum technology makes that possible.

Manager engineering & procurement Marco Roos;
DEMACO invests substantially in automation and QRM; PLM Xpert is a partner in this.

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