Easily transform your PRO.FILE system into an end-to-end PLM solution

To continue to successfully improve important processes, they must be monitored and analyzed.
PRO.CEED is a PLM solution based on PRO.FILE. It automates and accelerates all PLM-related processes and makes product lifecycle management within your company measurably more efficient.


Plan, automate and manage PLM processes & projects

The PRO.CEED application packages automate your PLM processes to the maximum. Maximum advantage for you. Application-oriented menus, dashboards and forms, for example for managing contracts, automatically guide your employees through the process. Change management? The ECM process is completely under control with PRO.CEED:
Send the complete process from change request to change notification. Every step is automatically documented and logged.

PLM-processes with PRO.CEED

  • Makes your PLM processes more efficient.
  • Automates your processes and makes them faster and safer.
  • Provides insight into the current status of your projects via built-in dashboards.

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As a PRO.FILE Competence Center, we are data management partner for the manufacturing industry in the Benelux.
With our successful approach we ensure optimal results with PRO.FILE for our customers. With more than 100,000 workstations, PRO.FILE is now one of the leading DMS/PLM systems.

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PRO.FILE is the PDM/DMS solution for managing, controlling and integrating product data and documents throughout the complete life cycle of a product (PLM).

The PRO.FILE application areas

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