In recent years, integrity and compliance have become increasingly important, placing more and more obligations on companies

Complying with applicable laws and regulations and complying with future laws and regulations in a timely manner. All relevant documents are centrally stored in PRO.FILE.


PRO.FILE Compliance ensures compliance with regulations, standards and laws and regulations within your processes

Your processes will always be in complete accordance with the customer's specifications and the requirements of market segments. PRO.FILE Compliance provides transparency and makes it impossible to ignore or forget regulations, standards and laws and regulations. PRO.FILE is the Data Management solution that protects your sensitive and confindential information such as construction drawings and development and design data through storage in the data safe.

Your benefits: transparency in the applicable regulations, standards and laws and regulations, improvement of the delivery times in your projects, the possibility to operate regulated markets.

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The challenges:

  • More and more compliance with regulations and standards is demanded by customers and inspection bodies
  • Many market segments work with specific regulations.
  • How do you analyze which product improvements should be implemented and how do you monitor the measures that need to be taken?
  • Delays in processes must be recognized early, so that the planning of delivery points and milestones is not jeopardized.

The solutions:

  • PRO.FILE Process management manages and monitors process steps according to established methodologies such as APQP and PPAP.
  • PRO.FILE Compliance supports companies in complying with mandatory regulations
  • PRO.FILE escalation management indicates (potential) exceedance of planning dates and provides for allocation to replacement employees.
  • PRO.FILE Security offers comprehensive protection for your data and documents as well as those of your customers. You can use smart cards, passwords and authorizations to protect your computer and data against unauthorized access.
  • With the User Management functionality of PRO.FILE you can easily manage access control and define individual users or user groups.
  • You can also choose to use a PRO.FILE Status Network to determine when selected documents and data can be read, modified or deleted.

The results:

  • Higher customer loyalty through better acting in regulated markets
  • More transparency and compliance with planning in projects
  • Traceability, re-authentication and digital signatures allow you to meet the requirements of your customers regarding the protection of data and documents
  • Better security and reliable prevention against loss of data
  • Better process control and fewer process risks.

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