PLM Xpert is Data Management Specialist for mechanical and plant engineering companies, automotive suppliers, and industrial and medical device manufacturers in the Benelux. The PLM Xpert Team consist of an enthusiastic, driven and skilled team of professionals and is entirely focused on improving efficiency and productivity by making documents and data being available at any time during the business process. Next to the quantitative improvements is the quality of the information and the processes a significant result of our solution. Besides giving analyses and advice in this area, our specialists take care of delivery, implementation and support of the Data Management program. We focus on three directions: Managing Processes and Documents, Controlling Project communication and Project information, Product Data Management (PDM/PLM) and Product Configuration.

PRO.FILE Competence Center

Our driven and experienced Xpertise team has specialist knowledge to ensure that, with the implementation of PRO.FILE, your data really adds value to your organization.


PLM Xpert can rightfully call itself PRO.FILE Competence Center. We are the official distributor of PRO.FILE of PROCAD for the Benelux. In addition to analysis and advice in the area of Product and Document Lifecycle Management, our specialists take care of delivery, implementation and support of PRO.FILE. Our clientele consists of mid-sized and larger companies, multinationals and semi-governments in the manufacturing industry and industrial sector in the Benelux.

Data into Knowledge:

The right document on the right moment in the right place

We get you:

  • From medium-sized professionals to medium-sized innovators.
  • Targeted implementation. Quickly deliver the impact you are looking for with configuration rather than customization.
  • More than just product data. Technical documents need document control with DMStec.
  • Teamwork across boundaries PROOM uses the cloud to support global collaboration.

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