Availability and Visualization

Only one version of each document – ​​digital of course. Quickly findable, quickly insightful and with certainty the valid version

Without document management, documents are often accidentally moved to the wrong folder or there are multiple versions of a document, each located in a different folder. This makes it extremely difficult to determine whether a document has been changed and what has been changed. This increases the risk that work is carried out on the basis of outdated documents.

Availability and Visualization of your documents

PRO.FILE ensures high availability and visualization of your data

You can be sure that your company data will not be lost as a result of (IT) system failures.
PRO.FILE is the PDM / PLM and DMS solution that will make your data immune to interruptions or disruptions. The combination of PRO.FILE and Microsoft SQL is the perfect platform to take data and document availability to the next level.
A PRO.FILE user can view the same document from anywhere at any time using redlining and markups changes adjustment proposals. Models and drawings can be made available to all users in the organization and with the PRO.FILE view functionality the user has a standard integrated solution.
Decisions can be made quickly based on current visual insight in your own workplace.
Collaborate with international divisions? With the use of PRO.FILE ETOR, your data and documents are available worldwide, regardless of location.
More about PRO.FILE ETOR

Companies are increasingly faced with challenges such as:

  • Even a few minutes of interference within the IT system of an engineering department can lead to delays with serious consequences.
  • The loss of design data is one of the most critical problems for a high-tech company.
  • Failure at a location may not affect the functioning of the other locations.

The added value of PRO.FILE:

  • With Microsoft SQL Server, PRO.FILE has an excellent platform for high availability in PLM.
  • PRO.FILE is the Next-generation software based on the latest technology.
  • PRO.FILE ETOR provides the highest performance data replication for multi-site PLM installations for global collaboration.


  • Limited outage risk
  • High transparency
  • Accelerated access to data

The PRO.FILE application areas

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