PRO.FILE Product Lifecycle Management; Manage and automate PLM processes

The success of your business is largely determined by the contribution that projects and processes make to the profitability of the company.
PRO.FILE is the no-nonsense solution for the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) process for industrial organizations and offers a company-wide solution for managing product data over the entire life cycle of the product (from design to end-of-life). PDM, PLM, DMStec and archiving in one system that organizes all your design and product data based on your own product structure and within which you yourself arrange how you manage and manage your documents. The basic components are an electronic vault / database for storing all product data, product structures and bills of materials and engineering data (CAD). Access to the data in it is done via a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and is protected and controlled via user rights. By assigning digital lifecycles / workflows the status of the data is recorded and per document the possibilities are determined, for example whether it is allowed to make an overhaul or to make a change in the data. Because all information is stored in a database, the retrieval of data and reuse of parts is increasingly possible and more effective.

Multisite Collaboration

PRO.FILE ETOR makes it possible that your engineering and production locations around the world can work together effectively, regardless of time and distance.

In a globalizing economy there is a good chance that you will work with engineering and production locations all over the world, MultiSite cooperation. Access to business documents and product data is also necessary from outside the office, for example on a business trip or at home. Teams work in different places or time zones, but they have to communicate as if they were at the same location and suppliers and third parties must have access to a project and a limited set of data.

With PRO.FILE ETOR (Enterprise Transactional Oriented Architecture) your locations have fast and easy access to the same data. Regardless of whether your team works in Eastern Europe, the United States, Asia or Latin America. It is possible to manage data at different geographic locations, where up-to-date and latest versions of your data are available at each location. PRO.FILE ETOR enables your employees to work together effectively, experience no interruptions or delays and communicate on the basis of a common database, independent of time and distance.

The PRO.FILE Webclient is a standard part of PRO.FLE and offers online access to all data and documents stored in PRO.FILE. With the Web client, users can work with the familiar PRO.FILE user interface without local software installation. It is possible to view (product) data and documents at any location where the internet is available or to work with bills of materials and to handle specific tasks.

PRO.FILE ETOR and Webclient stand for efficient collaboration and decision-making from anywhere, resulting in lower costs.

The added value of PRO.FILE:

  • Access to stored data is available without waiting at all locations in the world.
  • Teams working in different locations use a common platform to share data reliably.
  • PRO.FILE Check-in and Check-out and locking mechanism prevents conflicts and offers reliable Concurrent engineering technology in combination with (3D) CAD.
  • PRO.FILE ETOR is the solution for replicated data and Multisite data management.
  • PRO.FILE users can work and collaborate on the same data in different locations.
  • Changes in the design no longer lead to conflicts with other adjustments by other employees.
  • The PRO.FILE WebClient provides access to all data and documents without having to install local software.
  • With the visualization of PRO.FILE, users can search, read and modify and approve at any location at the same time.
  • Third parties can gain access with limited authorization.


  • Competitor engineering shortens the development time.
  • Efficient collaboration and standardization reduces costs.
  • Decide faster, based on hard current facts.
  • Up to date at any time and anywhere.

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