E-mail management

Work efficiently and save time. Emails are automatically saved and therefore immediately available

With the solutions within PRO.FILE you effortlessly have the right email and the right documents in the right version at the right time.

Email management with the PRO.FILE Outlook Integration

Documents and emails must be quickly available for communication with customers or suppliers

Do you recognize the problem that emails with associated contracts and/or correspondence can often only be found with considerable effort and that outdated documents lead to wrong decisions?
With the PRO.FILE Outlook Integration you create transparency and accelerate business processes.

  • PRO.FILE processes emails from the personal email inbox and links them to (customer) projects that are accessible and transparent to the entire organization.
  • Search functions, classification and visualization of documents make documents easy to find.
  • PRO.FILE ensures that valid documents are made available in the correct version and status.

PRO.FILE is efficient and time saving:

  • Direct integration of PRO.FILE functionalities into the MS Outlook menu
  • Fast e-mail check in: E-mails are saved directly and automatically in PRO.FILE by 'drag & drop' functionality and placed in an Outlook folder. Users can assign incoming and outgoing emails directly from their own Outlook inbox to PRO.FILE. The emails are automatically classified and placed in the correct customer or project folder.
  • Versioning of emails, email templates and attachments that have been saved
    in PRO.FILE
  • Attach files from PRO.FILE to Outlook items as a link or as a file
  • Inform the organization by using document links instead of duplicatin
    documents many times. There is only one version of each document and email.
  • Be automatically informed about status changes of documents via the notify function = Information Flow during Status Change

The PRO.FILE application areas

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