Smart Customization

How do you modularize your products – and deliver customization based on standardized modules?

The supply-driven manufacturing industry is increasingly transforming into a demand-driven industry. This requires managing smart customization.

Smart Customization

Do you want to streamline your time to market? Streamline your engineering? Streamline your manufacturing?

At many of our customers we see an increasing need to provide customer-specific solutions with very short delivery times and at low costs. The supply-driven manufacturing industry is in fact increasingly transforming itself into a demand-driven industry called 'mass customization'. In addition, the delivery time and price are also more under pressure. Through so-called 'smart customization', companies in the manufacturing industry can respond to this by combining the flexibility of Engineering To Order (ETO) strategy with the effectiveness and efficiency of the Assemble To Order (ATO) strategy in order to use a Configure To Order (CTO). ) strategy to complete projects quickly and smartly.

Take the step to Smart Customization with the PRO.FILE Product Configurator

  • Free your engineers from routine tasks.
  • Give your sales team confidence in their configurations.
  • Reply to customer inquiries in record time and make the most of your existing 3D data.
    The PRO.FILE Product Configurator is the perfect tool to boost the efficiency of your engineering and sales teams while always keeping SMB needs in mind. That means that you get an intuitive and affordable turnkey solution with all the features you initially need with the option to go bigger as your needs evolve.

The added value of PRO.FILE:
The implementation of 'smart customization' with PRO.FILE PLM, on the other hand, is an end-to-end solution that benefits all disciplines within the organization. Because this initiative is fully part of the digital product data backbone, it forms an integral whole with all relevant PLM processes such as change and configuration management.

The result is an interpretation of 'smart customization' that not only ensures flexible, effective and efficient fulfillment of customer requests, but also that the product portfolio can grow with both the company and the market itself. As a result, products can be put on the market sooner by a reduction of the development time by 25% and the costs can also decrease by up to 30-40% through smart reuse and classification!

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Smart Customization is not possible without end-to-end product data management

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