Working on documents together with PROOM. Combine PRO.FILE with PROOM for secure and transparent exchange of technical documents and files with customers, partners and suppliers.

In technical companies, documents are often shared and edited across company boundaries. This requires that everyone has access to the right documents at the same time and that they can be easily exchanged, regardless of size or number of documents. Conventional solutions such as email and FTP cannot meet these requirements. PROOM is the solution.

Controlled data exchange with PROOM

PROOM is the central platform for document exchange and collaboration in technical companies (collaborative PLM). It provides an easy and confidential way to exchange documents with partners, customers, and suppliers. PROOM replaces conventional email and FTP solutions with modern, cloud-based project rooms.

PROOM connects
The secure virtual project space is the central place where customers, partners, suppliers, design and development, purchasing, marketing, sales, IT, customer service, internal and external project managers communicate about a project.

  • Everyone is up to date: Documents linked to PROOM are automatically synchronized.
  • Project members have direct access to the same documents in the latest version.
  • Everyone is informed: In the project room, all activities are recorded and it is determined who can do what and when.
  • Everyone is involved: PROOM integrates with your existing environment and processes.


  • using project rooms – also from within PRO.FILE
  • for secure processes with complete audit trails
  • you choose: you can run PROOM as SaaS or as a private cloud installation

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