Replacing my current PDM/PLM

If your current PDM has reached the limit of its capacity...

Switching to another PDM solution may seem like a big step, but it can actually be the key to unlocking new possibilities and achieving success. We understand that switching comes with questions and concerns. We guide you step by step.

Is replacing your current PDM system a threat or an opportunity? We say: Take advantage of that opportunity

Your current data management system is 'end-of life' or no longer meets your wishes and requirements.
The question now arises for you as a user: How do I want to handle my product data in the future? You want to retain and migrate the existing data. But where to?

It is the time to tackle new challenges and achieve business objectives. A moment to really manage and control your data flows.

Wat als......

If you encounter these problems:

  • The existing PDM system is no longer being developed further, limitations are holding back the organization
  • Development path for new Windows Operating Systems is missing
  • Other CAD systems are being added -Multi-CAD, electrical engineering, electronics
  • New branches are being added
  • High-quality integration with ERP is not possible with the current PDM system
  • Management of processes and project planning becomes a necessity

Then we are your partner to guide you in the transition.

  • Experience with a large number of replacement projects
  • We have the master plan for your project
  • The migration is carried out using proven methods with good results
  • Configure instead of program

Data migration is secure with PRO.FILE:

  • with the right tools for migrating and validating the data
  • meets strict requirements
  • maintains consistency
  • guarantees completeness
  • goes fast - without interruption

PRO.FILE digitalization solutions:

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