About PLM Xpert

PLM Xpert is part of the Quattro P Group and her focus is on Data Management solutions. The PLM Xpert Team consist of an enthusiastic, driven and skilled team of professionals and is entirely focused on improving efficiency and productivity by making documents and data being available at any time during the business process. Next to the quantitative improvements is the quality of the information and the processes a significant result of our solution. Besides giving analyses and advice in this area, our specialists take care of delivery, implementation and support of the Data Management program. We focus on three directions: Managing Processes and Documents, Controlling Project communication and Project information, Product Data Management ( PDM/PLM ) and Product Configuration.


Thanks to the practical business insight and technical background of our PLM Xpert Team it is possible to provide the customer optimal support so maximum efficiency will be achieved. The PLM Xpert Team is able to optimize Processes and Workflows through their background and experience. To guarantee continuity PRO.FILE is used as a proven solution for the automation at our clients. The program is quick operational without risk.

Data into knowledge

Our focusis on improving efficiency and productivity by managing data and the flow of information by making documents and data being available at any time during the business process. Our solutions are the basis for the Product Lifecycle Management ( PLM ) process at our clients and are mostly integrated with technical applications like CAD and logistic systems ( ERP/MRP).Our clients are medium and small enterprises, multinationals en semi-government organizations in the industrial sector in The Netherlands and Belgium. PLM Xpert is the certified implementation partner and distributor of PRO.FILE PLM in the Benelux.

Let this “track record” convince you

After more than 17 years we may refer to an extensive “track record” of a lot of successful projects.at our clients. Our clients are: Bredenoord Aggregaten, Mokveld Valves, BUVA rationele bouwsystemen, Palfinger Neddeck, IHC Systems, VMI Epe Holland, NedTrain R&O, itho-daalderop, CSi industries, IAI industrial systems.

  • Through all of these projects we have built up our experience in optimizing processes and working methods with the help of PRO.FILE.
  • This experience can be applied in other companies which also want to realize a PLM procedure
  • It is possible to realize the complete PLM procedure but also to realize just some aspects of a PLM procedure