"Having full control over data management of all business locations."
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In order to have full control over the data management of all company locations, DERO GROUP opts for the PRO.FILE digitization platform.

At the DERO Group, PRO.FILE is used for the management of all data from the various business locations and thus forms the single source of truth for the entire company. In this way, Dero Group has full control over multi CAD data management (SolidWorks and PTC Creo Element Direct), document management and process and project management (PROCEED). PROOM is used for the exchange of documents with customers and suppliers.

About the introduction of PRO.FILE and its purpose

DERO GROUP has chosen to implement the entire PRO.FILE portfolio as the Product Data Backbone (DMS / PDM / PLM). In addition to PRO.FILE, PROCEED (Project and process management) and PROOM (Cloud Collaboration) will also be implemented. The PRO.FILE portfolio offers the entire group extensive support of a combination of Configure To Order (CTO) and Engineering To Order (ETO) processes, the integrated solution with Ridder iQ (ERP) and the collaboration between different offices that use various CAD / CAE systems, including SolidWorks, PTC Creo Elements Direct and Eplan


DERO GROUP is a cluster of companies whose core business is the automation and robotization of industrial production and handling processes. With the brands: DERO, ELTEN, BOSGRAAF, PACKTECH and DGDOESCHOT, the companies of the DERO GROUP serve various (international) markets and offer their customers innovative solutions in areas such as cheese treatment and processing, convenience food and packaging.

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