PLM for the CxO

Digitization .... which way to go with your company?

Managing and unlocking data is no longer a "nice to have", but a "must have".

The time of the CxO is valuable and is determined by activities that are required to manage the organization and the processes. The business goals determine how the future is viewed and what ambitions the company has. The results of the short- or long-term business objectives, the mission and vision, must be measurable.

HOW are you going to do that ......? And that is exactly what it is all about. Provide the right key resources to achieve the business objectives.

End-to-end data management is the foundation for your digitization strategy

Within the manufacturing industry, parties are often still somewhat cautious when it comes to digitization. A large part of the industry still works with different data silos that are not connected to each other. And that while in the present time, automating business processes can guarantee and improve the efficiency of the company. The business model must increasingly form the starting point in the development of products. To this end, the business model must be linked to the development activities in the various departments. The result is a fully digitized process chain.
You are therefore much more decisive. Also, not unimportant in this time of industrial espionage; your IP is safe in PRO.FILE.

Many processes appear to be digital, but they are not. A process is only truly digital if the available information can be edited and processed. It is not easy to distinguish supposed digital processes from real ones these days. Paperless does not necessarily mean digital. Three systems are essential for digitization: the ERP system (with SCM, Business Intelligence and maintenance) for linking production, finance, sales and service, the Office systems including intranet, Portal and CRM and the PLM software for product development and management - the Product Data Backbone..

PRO.FILE offers the solution: a central source for the storage of data within your company.
PDM / PLM and full DMS in one system and ensures that knowledge is secured, is easy to request and prevents knowledge from being lost. All departments have central access to the same data.

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