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The management of documents based on product structures is a specific form of document management: DMStec.

PRO.FILE DMStec seamlessly links documents to technical structures, providing complete insight into the machine, installation or infrastructure – without duplicate information and for the entire life cycle.


DMStec ensures that each file is only stored once in the Product Data Backbone

Technical documents are an integral part of your products. It is therefore essential to manage them in one place along with your product data. This creates a life cycle map that contains all the data of a specific product and accompanies the product throughout its life cycle. A typical advantage of a lifecycle map is that all departments have central access to one and the same data. You can even adapt the screens individually to the needs of the different departments. The advantage is that all documents are saved only once, which eliminates duplicate versions while still creating an appropriate representation of relevant information for every role in the company.
An end-to-end view of the relationships between all this data ensures a seamless product development process.

For those companies in the Manufacturing Industry that produce complex technical products, DMStec is the answer for successful document management. The approach is based on the structure of a product.
The structures of a product, an installation or a project are completely separate from the documents. Subsequently, the documents can be accommodated in these structures. If something is changed on a document, it happens in one central location. In other places in the system, reference is made to this one change.
DMStec helps you manage data easily and systematically. You always have the most up-to-date information and comply with all applicable regulations, for example in the field of maintenance measures, technical regulations or approval processes. DMStec also improves collaboration with customers and machine operators because you can give them exactly the life cycle folders or machine folders they need.

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PRO.FILE is the PDM/DMS solution for managing, controlling and integrating product data and documents throughout the complete life cycle of a product (PLM).

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