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When double versions of documents are excluded there is only one source, one truth.

Because the number of digital documents within companies is increasing explosively, good document management is important. Many companies still use the folder structure of Microsoft Windows to control project documentation. There are, however, many disadvantages to this classic way of archiving. Structures must be built up and managed manually. This takes a lot of time and is error-prone. Often problems arise when searching because documents are accidentally stored in the wrong folder or exist in multiple versions. Which document is the most up-to-date? Change conflicts or activities based on outdated information can seriously upset processes. We help you to make the step towards full digitalization of your document and email flows.

Availability and Visualization of your documents

The intelligent server infrastructure of PRO.FILE ensures high availability and visualization of data.

You can be sure that your business data will not be lost as a result of (IT) system failures.
PRO.FILE is the PDM / PLM and DMS solution that will make your data immune to interruptions or failures. The combination of PRO.FILE and Microsoft SQL is the perfect platform to raise the availability of data and documents to a higher level.
A PRO.FILE user can view the same document from any location at any time and using redlining and markups suggest changes adjustment. Models and drawings can be unlocked for all users in the organization and with
the PRO.FILE view functionality gives the user a standard integrated solution.
Decisions can be made quickly based on current visual insight into their own workplace.
With the use of PRO.FILE ETORdata and documents are available everywhere, wherever they are.More about PRO.FILE ETOR

Companies are increasingly faced with challenges such as:

  • Even a few minutes of interference within the IT system of an engineering department can lead to delays with serious consequences.
  • The loss of design data is one of the most critical problems for a high-tech company.
  • Failure at a location may not affect the functioning of the other locations.

The added value of PRO.FILE:

  • With Microsoft SQL Server, PRO.FILE has an excellent platform for high availability in PLM.
  • PROCAD develops concepts for the safe and robust operation of PLM installations.
  • PRO.FILE ETOR offers data replication with the highest performance for PLM installations at different locations.


  • Limited outage risk
  • High transparency
  • Accelerated access to data

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