Selo Food Processing & Packaging systems

"Selo accelerates and broadens the automation process, especially now."
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In order to work more and more configure to order, Selo decided to invest in PRO.FILE PLM and, in parallel, in Ridder IQ ERP. This company based in Twente, which specializes in the design and manufacture of process installations and packaging systems for the food sector, is growing rapidly. To keep this growth manageable and to be ready for the future, Selo has opted for the implementation of PRO.FILE PLM and Ridder IQ ERP. Employees can access the systems from home, the data is properly secured, and everyone knows for sure that they are working in the latest version.

About the implementation of PRO.FILE and its purpose

"The more you automate, the more flexible you are."
Another decisive factor in investing in PRO.FILE PLM was the goal of increasingly work configuring to order. Prior to the implementation, Selo drew up a blueprint for the design of the systems. "You have to record your articles in accordance with a specific notation and specific work processes. That is why we have chosen to start the PLM and ERP process in parallel. That meant a lot of homework, but you notice that we are now getting closer to practice, so that certain choices in the blueprint have been adjusted." Explains director Willibrord Woertman. In addition to PRO.FILE and Ridder, Selo works with Inventor 3D CAD.

About Selo Food Processing & Packaging Systems

Selo designs and builds process and packaging systems for the food, animal nutrition, pharmaceutical and non-food industries. Selo is all about customer-specific food processing machines for multinationals and smaller specialized companies all over the world. The company has two branches in the Netherlands: Hengelo (Selo, food processing machines) and Oldenzaal (Omori Europe, packaging machines). The projects are fully taken care of by Selo from the design phase up to and including the commissioning of the systems. The disciplines of technology, automation, engineering, assembly, installation and after sales are therefore entirely in their own hands.

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