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"PRO.FILE as the connecting link in the Smart Customization process at Nijhuis Water Technology."
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The specialist in the field of water usage and recovery of raw materials implements PLM for pure product- and project management. The need for clean water is increasing worldwide and with it the demand for water treatment solutions. The growth of Nijhuis Water Technology, based in Doetinchem, reflects this. In order to be able to respond to this development, the international specialist in the field of water use and recovery of raw materials has completely reorganized his project management. As supporting software, the company chose the project-based ERP system Trimergo in combination with the Product Lifecycle Management system PRO.FILE. The implementation of the PLM solution was provided by the PRO.FILE Competence Center PLM Xpert in Bergambacht. Nijhuis now has the right tools to manage product data in a structured way and to efficiently deliver tailor-made installations with a maximum of standard products.

About the implementation of PRO.FILE and its purpose

Access to all relevant information
After only three quarters of a year of preparation, Nijhuis went live with PRO.FILE. With success, because the time-to-market of projects has already been drastically reduced. Engineering can now extract the standards from PRO.FILE and compile an assignment according to the principle of Smart Customization. The next step is to classify the complete systems engineering, including the management of the parts that are outsourced and the specials that are designed. PRO.FILE also offers the functionality. In the oil & gas sector, for example, Nijhuis must deal with hundreds of different documents such as deliverables. With PRO.FILE PLM, Nijhuis can keep track of their status, revisions and the release process.

About Nijhuis Water Technology

Nijhuis Water Technology provides solutions for sustainable water use and the recovery of raw materials; everything from design to maintenance of installations for industries, urban areas and utilities. The company was founded in 1904. In the 70s it started developing the flocculation flotation technique and is now the world market leader in this field. However, customers are increasingly asking for individual total solutions. That is why Nijhuis also supplies systems for biological purification, post-treatment, chemical-free water treatment with ozone, recovery of raw materials such as ammonium and fat, and biogas installations. The company has 240 employees worldwide, of which approximately 50 engineers at the head office in Doetinchem.

“All knowledge in the heads of our people and in calculation tools is put into PRO.FILE. The PLM system thus became the backbone of our company.” Barry Domhof, Production Manager Nijhuis.

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