"With PRO.FILE the first step toward Digital Twin has been taken."
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Within the organization, Havatec focuses on a seamless and collaborative whole of engineering and production. Making production drawings, purchasing parts, assembly, quality control and after sales / service are recognizable identities within the company, each with their own responsibilities. Havatec has deployed PRO.FILE as an automation tool and as a central product data backbone.

About the implementation of PRO.FILE and its purpose

During the entire orientation project towards PLM / PDM, Havatec had the goal clearly in mind; start within the Engineering department by improving the collaboration of the engineers, version / revision management of CAD Models, drawings and part lists. In addition, they were looking for a good integration of PDM with Ridder ERP. Part lists, parts and documents are now automatically exchanged with Ridder iQ. Thanks to the EasyCon method, PRO.FILE has ensured that Havatec itself could easily import the existing data at its own pace. It was the right time to clean up their data. All data and documents are now stored in a central product data backbone, without duplicates across the various departments. This is how the first step towards a Digital Twin has been taken!

About Havatec

Havatec, located in Nieuw Vennep, is a leading company in the flower sector and develops and produces high-tech machines for the inspection and processing of flowers and bulbs. Havatec delivers turn-key cut flower projects based on low, mid and high-tech concepts. The machines contain technically advanced controls and camera systems. Havatec once started developing machines for the mushroom sector. Soon after, Havatec developed an advanced machine for sorting flower bulbs using X-ray technology.

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