Hadetec B.V.

"Hadetec B.V. - part of Rootselaargroup - uses PRO.FILE for professionalization in the field of workflow and revision management."
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Hadetec B.V., based in Nijkerk, specializes in gas production, gas cleaning and gas treatment equipment. For design and engineering Hadetec B.V. has its own highly qualified engineers with expertise in Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering and Project management. The complex technical products require high quality assurance and document management. To guarantee this, Hadetec has opted for PRO.FILE.

About the introduction of PRO.FILE and its purpose.

With clients such as Shell, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hyundai Engineering and Construction, LG Engineering and Construction, Daewoo Heavy Industries, the large EPC (Engineering Procurement Contractors) Hadetec's need within Product Lifecycle Management was mainly on Document Management and Document Control.
With PRO.FILE Hadetec gives substance to:

  • Efficient management of technical documents (PRO.FILE DMStec)
  • Efficient management of projects (Document control), such as the delivery of all correct documents with correct revision at the end of projects
  • Efficient management of document flows from supplier to customer (Document control) especially in PDF, sent with Transmittals and front sheets
  • Revision management on documentation

Hadetec B.V. - part of Rootselaargroup

Hadetec is part of the Rootselaargroup in Nijkerk and has more than 30 years of experience in the design, production and installation of gas production, gas cleaning and gas treatment equipment. Hadetec manufactures custom skid mounted installations in accordance with all applicable specifications, codes and standards.
PRO.FILE is designed to provide optimal support for Document Management and Document Control.

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