PRO.CEED gives you access to all documents and data that belong to a project.

Project managers must be able to manage, monitor and document their projects well. This is becoming increasingly difficult due to increasing complexity, tighter deadlines and mandatory compliance with laws and standards. Because they have to deal with a stream of documents and data within a project that is often very large and diverse, it becomes an ever greater challenge to maintain control and bring technical projects to a good end.
PRO.CEED offers support in the management of Projects with automated document control to technical companies specialized in Engineering-To-Order production and Plant Engineering. All documents and data from the various departments are located in one and the same location. You can provide information anywhere and anytime about the status of your projects and PLM processes.

Document- and e-mail management

With PRO.FILE you always have the right documents in the right version at the right time

Documents and E-mails must be available quickly for communication with customers or suppliers. Do you recognize the problem that contracts or correspondence can often only be found with considerable effort and that outdated documents lead to wrong decisions?
PRO.FILE creates transparency and accelerates business processes

  • With search functions, classification and visualization of documents, documents are easy to find.
  • PRO.FILE ensures the provision of valid documents in the correct version and status.
  • PRO.FILE processes e-mails from the personal e-mail inbox and links them to (customer) projects accessible and insightful for the entire organization.
  • With the solutions within PRO.FILE you have effortlessly the right documents in the right version at the right time.

Taxonomy - drag and drop e-mail in PRO.FILE
PRO.FILE Taxonomy ensures that documents can be quickly retrieved on the basis of common characteristics. This innovative technology ensures the automatic classification of e-mails and documents in PRO.FILE. Users can assign incoming and outgoing e-mails directly to PRO.FILE from their own Outlook inbox. The e-mails are automatically classified and classified in the right customer or project folder.


  • No more manual filling of attribute fields
  • All required fields have been correctly filled in and in accordance with the company policy
  • The system can be organized to store e-mails in the PRO.FILE Favorites folder
  • It reduces the load of Outlook inbox
  • Everyone can use drag and drop to save documents without a learning curve.
  • Easy to configure: The assignment of project number, customer number, document type and other attributes can be done in the management console. No programming is required.

Check-in and Check-out
The 'Check-in' and 'Check-out' functionalities ensure that CAD models and documents are not simultaneously changed by more than one person.

  • Problems that arise because changes are overwritten by employees who work on the same file at the same time no longer occur.
  • Changes in a document or a CAD model are included in a change log so that there is insight into what the change is and when and by whom the change has been implemented.

Your benefits: complete understanding of changes, achieving the highest quality and fast turnaround times by avoiding unnecessary changesnummer, klantnummer, documenttype en andere kenmerken kan worden gedaan in de beheerconsole. Er is geen programmering nodig.

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