The project management features in PRO.FILE were designed to provide best-in-class support for companies that specialize in engineering-to-order production and plant engineering. All documents related to a specific project are consolidated into one location. Existing project documents can be used as templates for new projects.

You need to be sure that the employees working on a project have the right data and documents to hand. You can rely on the project management features of PRO.FILE to automatically assign data and documents to the corresponding project. PRO.FILE will grant access to relevant documents only.

PRO.FILE's project management also allows you to establish secure project rooms based on the client principle. Customers of custom machine manufacturers can feel secure in the knowledge that their data and development specifications are protected.

Your benefits: projects are completed "in time" and "in budget".

The challenges in Projects:

1. Authorization & Control


  • Efficient design processes require regulations, so that not just everybody, who dislikes something, can make changes.
  • The knowledge of a company is in the CAD models and documents. It has to be protected from unauthorized access.
  • Mr. B may be allowed to do something in project X, but he may not automatically do so in project Y.


  1. The PRO.FILE user administration defines access rights for users and user groups.

  2. The Audit trail shows the history of the data and users action.

  3. PRO.FILE Workflow status define access permissions (read, change, delete) for documents by type.

  4. PRO.FILE role permissions regulate access to data and documents project-specifically.


  • Increased quality  
  • Reduced risks  
  • High transparency


2. Document and e-mail management


  • Contracts or correspondence can often only be found with significant efforts.
  • Outdated documents result in wrong decisions.
  • E-mails, like other documents, have to be available quickly for communication with customers or suppliers.


  1. Search function, visual preview and coherent hitlists make finding easy.

  2. PRO.FILE secures the release and validity of data and documents.

  3. PRO.FILE detaches the e-mails from private mail boxes and links them to projects and customer folders


  • Creates transparency and accelerates business processes

3. Project management


  • Missing project documents often result in tedious inquiries and extra work.
  • To avoid errors, planning of tasks should be driving the deliverables in the project.
  • Customers and subcontractors have the demand to collaborate on latest versions with protection of their IP in data.


  1. PRO.FILE project management automatically assigns tasks and schedules to a project, visual for all project members by Gantt-chart visualization.

  2. PRO.FILE makes sure that documents and emails are always accessed in the newest version.

  3. PRO.FILE Transmittals in combination with PROOM as Cloud sharing environment creates secure project rooms according to the client concept.


  • •Projects stays ‘in time’ and ‘in budget’

4. PROOM: Project Room

PROOM supports development and design departments in the secure exchange of large technical documents that are subject to frequent changes, mainly CAD drawings, change orders or RFPs. The controlled and secure exchange of documents through virtual ProjectROOMs is particularly useful for companies needing to work across system and company boundaries, for example in project partnerships.

PROOM securely and transparently bridges the gap between the engineering processes of different companies, providing a seamless user experience.

  • SaaS-EcoSystem e.V. evaluates SaaS and cloud solutions against specific criteria to obtain an objecitve comparison. The "Trust in Cloud" certificate  is a sign of quality and a decision-making tool.
  • https://: PROOM communicates via HTTPS, an encrypted protocol for the exchange of information over the web.

  • Authentication & password encryption: Access to PROOM is only possible after successful authentication. The user-chosen password is encrypted and not visible to the PROOM administrator.

  • User permissions: Individual authorization concepts on the project room and folder level ensure maximum data security and access control. Sensitive data that is to be made available to a specific user only can be hidden from selected individuals.

  • Activity logs:  Built-in and ready-to-print activity logs provide an overview of who has done what to which files and when.
  • Validity periods: The project rooms and files are not automatically deleted. A validity period can be specified for any uploaded file. Beyond this interval the file is only visible to the user who put the file into the project room and the project room manager.

  • Backup of files: If PROOM is operated by PROCAD, all exchanged all exchanged files will be mirrored. In case of a technical failure, the files can still be accessed without limitations.

5. Collaboration and replication


  • Changes to the model and assemblies result in conflicts with other changes.
  • Access to saved data must be fast, also for world-wide distributed locations.
  • Teams working at different locations require a common platform to communicate on documents.


  1. The PRO.FILE CheckIn, CheckOut and locking mechanism technology avoids change conflicts and reliably supporting Concurrent Engineering.

  2. PRO.FILE ETOR is the solution for replicated data and document management multisite.

  3. PRO.FILE users can view and work on the same data from any location at the same time and discuss redlining modifications.


  • Concurrent engineering shorten development times.
  • Efficient collaboration and standardization reduces costs