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Engineering companies need to be able to properly organize the way they control, monitor, and document their projects. Growing levels of complexity, tight deadlines, and the obligation to comply with legislation and standards are increasingly taking the spotlight. Staying on top of all of this and making engineering projects a success are daunting challenges.
PRO.CEED support you by automating your document control. A common basis for the documents and data created in the different departments ensures full transparency and accelerates your workflows.

Change management

PRO.FILE coordinates the changes to and approval of CAD models, drawings and documents

In development projects it is quite normal that something has to be changed in the short term. This can even upset the most accurate calculation and the best planning. With manual change processes, the change can take quite some time. Job folders offer a solution here. They automate all processes for managing the product life cycle. Deviations are automatically reported by the system and the user sees the status of a change at any time. Steps in the change process, such as sending documents or generating an impact matrix (consequences of the change) can also be automated again. The real change costs are thus clear in an instant.

  • PRO.FILE coordinates the changes to and approval of CAD models, drawings and documents.
  • PRO.FILE has intelligent change and approval management functionalities that implement workflows to accurately capture and document changes.
  • PRO.FILE offers Process Management and the Compliance functionality maximum security of the process, ensuring that your company complies with the applicable regulations and standards.

Your advantages:

  • Support for the entire life cycle process, fewer changes and lower error rates.
  • Your employees always use up-to-date data. Use of old versions is prevented.
  • Time-consuming errors resulting from incorrect data in production and project processes are prevented
  • Changes will be handled afterwards and checked afterwards.
  • There is grip on the entire process.
  • The number of errors decreased considerably.

The PRO.FILE change process in accordance with Engineering Change methodologies (ECN / ECR / ECO)
The advantage for the entire organization is that adjustments and changes can be initiated in all departments and thus actually get a sequel. By using versions, revisions and statuses, changes to parts and products are tracked. Here, depending on the need, the history (audit trail) of the data can be kept up to date; who made a certain change when and for what reason. Afterwards, through reporting, you can always see what development a product has gone through. In this way knowledge is recorded and temporary employees or new employees can benefit from this available knowledge.

The added value of PRO.FILE:

  • Processes with flows for ECR, ECO and ECN document every change step.
  • PRO.FILE version and revision management ensures correct and current data throughout the process.
  • PRO.FILE process management and PRO.FILE Compliance ensure a guaranteed process run.
  • PRO.FILE supports the entire life cycle (PLM)!

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