Lifecycle managment

PRO.FILE is the no-nonsense solution for the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) process at industrial organizations. PRO.FILE manages the Product data, like technical, commercial and logistics documents, throughout the entire organization and during the lifecycle of the product (from design to end-of-life). Besides Document-, Engineering- and Product Data management (DMS/EDM/PDM) PRO.FILE also connects Engineering (CAD) to logistics (ERP/MRP) by using the ERP-interfacing technic.

How does Lifecycle Management work (PLM)

PRO.FILE is the PLM tool that supports the organization in managing information that is used in the product engineering process. Basic components of al PLM system are: A Electronic Vault/database, to store all Product data, Product structures ( BOM lists ) en Engineering (CAD) History . Access to the data in the PLM system is reached by a Graphic User Interface (GUI) and is secured and controlled by assigning user roles and rights. By assigning digital workflows the data status is determined and the possibilities are shown; for example if it is possible/allowed to make changes or revisions in the data. All information is stored in a data base so all data is traceable and available. Re-use of parts and data can be applied more often and more efficient.

PRO.FILE is the solution for efficiënt management of Product Data and Documents. PRO.FILE has a proven ‘track-record’as PDM solution that manages CAD systems, workflows and BOM lists and connects them to logistics (ERP).

The challenges in Lifecycle:

1. Archiving


  • Drawings, contracts, letters, documents, mails have to be stored and audit-proof.
  • History of the documents lifecycle should be available at any time.
  • Documents have to be displayed, even if the old CAD system and other applications are no longer available.
  • As-built documentation must contain all documents required by legal regulations.


  1. PRO.FILE saves all data and documents in the electronic vault.

  2. The Audit trail shows the history of the document.

  3. PRO.FILE automatically saves copies in TIF, PDF, PDF/A.

  4. PRO.FILE automatically creates documentation sets for internal and external use.


  • Increased quality
  • Reduced costs
  • Accelerated process times
  • Quicker payment


2. Authorization & Control


  • Efficient design processes require regulations, so that not just everybody, who dislikes something, can make changes.
  • The knowledge of a company is in the CAD models and documents. It has to be protected from unauthorized access.
  • Mr. B may be allowed to do something in project X, but he may not automatically do so in project Y.


  1. The PRO.FILE user administration defines access rights for users and user groups.

  2. The Audit trail shows the history of the data and users action.

  3. PRO.FILE Workflow status define access permissions (read, change, delete) for documents by type.

  4. PRO.FILE role permissions regulate access to data and documents project-specifically.


  • Increased quality  
  • Reduced risks  
  • High transparency


3. Security of data


  • A good protection of design data avoids plagiarism.
  • Data must be protected, even if laptops with important documents are stolen.
  • Customers demand written agreements (NDA) on the protection of data and documents handed over to the supplier.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) should be guarded en protected.



  1. PRO.FILE saves all data and documents in the electronic vault thus protecting them.

  2. Computers and data are firmly protected by Smart Cards, passwords and access rights.

  3. PRO.FILE Compliance protects by traceability, re-authentication, digital signatures.

  4. PRO.FILE protects IP and highly sensitive data with high authorization levels.


  • Increased security
  • Preventive harm protection
  • High transparency


4. ERP Integration


  • The transfer of the bills of materials to the ERP via Excel sheets a.o. is tedious and error-prone.
  • Parts can only be purchased in due time if the purchaser is always well-informed.
  • Designers must know which parts are accurate, in stock, and quickly available at what cost.


  1. PRO.FILE transfers part master data and bills of materials automatically to the ERP system.

  2. The PRO.FILE ERP Server provides the necessary information in due time to production planners and purchasers.

  3. PRO.FILE provides this information to the engineers desktop, without ERP access being required.


  • Unproductive activities and errors caused by multiple data records are avoided
  • Time to market benefits since time from engineering to logistics will decrease.


5. High availability


  • Even a few minutes of IT system failure in a design department result in delays with serious consequences.
  • The loss of design data is the “maximum credible accident” for a high-tech company.
  • Failures at one location must not affect the other locations.


  1. With Microsoft SQL Server, PRO.FILE has an excellent platform for high availability in PLM.

  2. PROCAD develops concepts for the secure operation of PLM installations – for you and with you.

  3. PRO.FILE ETOR provides data replication with highest performance for PLM installations at distributed locations.


  • Reduced risks  
  • High transparency  
  • Accelerated data access


6. PLM on the Internet


  • Access to business documents and product data is also required from outside the office, e.g. on business trips.
  • Teams working in different places or time zones have to communicate as if they were at the same location.


  1. The PRO.FILE WebClient provides access to all data and documents without locally installed software. Research, reading, release, changes: Everything is possible.

  2. With the visualization via PRO.FILE, users can view the same document from any location at the same time and discuss redlining modifications.


  • Quicker decisions based on solid facts
  • Anytime and anywhere

7. Product structures & Bills of materials


  • Bills of materials belong to the most important deliverables for downstream operations. They must always be available and up to date.
  • Especially the transfer of the bills of materials to the ERP system often slow down the processes.
  • The growing number of variants makes it more and more difficult to keep an overview of the product structures.


  1. PRO.FILE creates BOMs automatically by extraction from CAD and keeps them up to date by maintaining them during the lifecycle.\

  2. s automatically to the ERP system upon release.

  3. PRO.FILE visualizes the product structures in different views (EBOM/PBOM), allows BOM’s for editing and comparison.


  • Unproductive activities and errors by multiple data records are avoided.

8. Reduce the document and part variety


  • If parts or documents cannot be found at once, they have to be ‘re-designed’ with high efforts and expenditures.
  • This is especially critical when company locations are in different countries.
  • A high part variety results in high expenditures in storage, data managements and maintenance/service.


  1. Search function, visual preview and coherent hitlists make finding easy.

  2. PRO.FILE GUI forms, reference lists and messages are multi-lingual. Every user finds the results in his/her native tongue.

  3. Classification, taxonomies result in transparency of the master data administration.


  • PLM reduces the part variety and thus costs
  • Unproductive work efforts are significantly reduced

9. Collaboration and replication


  • Changes to the model and assemblies result in conflicts with other changes.
  • Access to saved data must be fast, also for world-wide distributed locations.
  • Teams working at different locations require a common platform to communicate on documents.


  1. The PRO.FILE CheckIn, CheckOut and locking mechanism technology avoids change conflicts and reliably supporting Concurrent Engineering.

  2. PRO.FILE ETOR is the solution for replicated data and document management multisite.

  3. PRO.FILE users can view and work on the same data from any location at the same time and discuss redlining modifications.


  • Concurrent engineering shorten development times.
  • Efficient collaboration and standardization reduces costs

10. Visualization


  • Teams working at different locations require a common platform to communicate on documents.

  • Requests for publishing of documents and designs are time consuming reality for engineers.

  • A sad reality: Different departments in the same house use different viewers.


  1. With the visualization via the internal viewer, PRO.FILE users can view the same document/ design from any location at the same time and discuss redlining and markups.

  2. With PRO.FILE Viewing the user has integrated the best viewing solution as a standard for your organization. One solution fits all!


  • Significantly quicker decisions based on solid facts.


11. Change and release management


  • Changes to CAD models, drawings or documents must be traceable.
  • Usage of old versions results in extra work and reclamations.
  • Compliance with regulations becomes more and more important
  • Work results from design offices do not meet specifications


  1. Workflows with ECR, ECO and ECN document each change.

  2. The PRO.FILE version and revision management secures the actuality of the data

  3. PRO.FILE process management and PRO.FILE Compliance bring process security and transparency

  4. PRO.FILE supports the entire process life cycle including external supply chain (PLM)!


  • PLM reduces the number of change iterations
  • The quota of errors is significantly reduced


12. Workflow & Process management


  • Customers demand the compliance with regulations and standards.
  • The entry in regulated market segments requires the compliance with specific regulations.
  • Delays in processes must be recognized early, in order not to endanger the schedules.
  • Documentation has to be supplied on delivery, in order not to get penalized.


  1. PRO.FILE Process management controls and secures process steps.

  2. PRO.FILE Compliance supports companies in the compliance with mandatory regulations.

  3. PRO.FILE escalation management points out exceeded schedule dates and regulates substitutions.

  4. If required, PRO.FILE saves all project-relevant documents automatically.


  • More sales by secure acting in regulated markets
  • Increased transparency and adherence to schedules in projects.