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"PLM is crucial for a young hightech company"
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In this testimonial Lourens van Bruchem tells about his experience at a previous company where PDM was not introduced in an early stage. It has taught him and his team that managing BOMs, revisions and as-built documentation for complicated equipment is not possible without Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). For that reason, Paradigm immediately introduced PRO.FILE PLM at the start of the company.

Paradigm Technology Services innovates, designs and manufactures step-change technologies for the well intervention and well logging industry. The core expertise of Paradigm is applied to the development and manufacturing of high precision winch technology, real-time slickline systems, polymer processing, composite cables and smart downhole intervention tools. This capability is best demonstrated by our Slick-E-LineĀ® system which combines the versatility and efficiency of traditional slickline with the real-time data streaming capability of electric line.
The production process of the cables is confidential. In order to be able to manage all data and information properly, PLM XpertCenter has configured a unique device for Paradigm to make the IP (Intellectual Property) 'managed invisibly'.

View the testimonial of Lourens van Bruchem about the application of PRO.FILE at Paradigm Technology Services

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