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"PLM is crucial for a young high-tech company"
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  • schipbuilding/offshore
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In this testimonial, Lourens van Bruchem tells about his experience at a previous company where PDM only was introduced at the last stage. It taught him and his team that managing BOMs, revisions and as-built documentation for complicated equipment cannot be done without Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). That is why Paradigm introduced PRO.FILE PLM right from the start of the company.

About the implementation of PRO.FILE and its purpose

Paradigm Technology Services Paradigm is a young company that provides the oil and gas service world with new technologies. In addition to developing equipment that is used for service work in oil and gas wells, very special cables are also being developed. The production process of the cables is confidential. Especially in order to properly manage all data and information, PLM Xpert has configured a unique device for Paradigm to make the IP (Intellectual Property) 'managed invisible'.

View Lourens van Bruchem's testimonial about the application of PRO.FILE at Paradigm Technology Services.

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