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Due to the customization and complexity of the product, Geurts Heat Exchangers decided to choose PRO.FILE PLM so that all product data is managed in a structured way.
PRO.FILE was taken into use on the 11th of April.

About the introduction of PRO.FILE and its purpose

The Engineering department worked with an error-prone system that did not allow version and revision management. PRO.FILE was able to fully fulfil the need for good version and revision management and the need to be able to create and freeze releases.

PRO.FILE Best Practice = operational in a short time
The entire implementation process has remained close to the PRO.FILE Best Practice. Geurts therefore has a flexible product data backbone in a short time. In the future, this will allow them to further expand the environment themselves, through configuration, into a digitization platform with which the lifecycle of projects and products can be managed.

The return is already there!
Given the large amount of sheet metal, it saves the engineers considerable time that PRO.FILE automatically generates and prepares the DXF files from Inventor 3D sheet metal upon release of the CAD data. Furthermore, the new method recommended by PLM Xpert regarding the use of an intelligent number is a success. All this contributes to the streamlining of the product data flow in the organization, both in the Netherlands and with its sister company in the Czech Republic.

Geurts Heat Exchangers, part of the Heilig Group

Geurts Heat Exchangers is a specialist in the design and production of industrial heat exchangers for reusing residual heat or transferring heat in production processes. It concerns custom thermal transfer solutions within a range of applications. From simple heat exchangers to complex systems for heat transfer at high temperature, high pressure or aggressive substances. As an internationally operating company, Geurts supplies products to various industries for various types of heat recovery.

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