As a PRO.FILE Competence Center for the Benelux, we implement PRO.FILE for you.
PRO.FILE is a PDM / DMS solution for managing, managing and integrating product data and documents throughout the complete life cycle of a product. The application provides end-to-end management and insight into business processes and can be integrated with major CAD and ERP systems. As a Product and Document Data Backbone, PRO.FILE forms the basis par excellence for the sustainable implementation of PLM processes. The PRO.FILE solution can be implemented quickly and easily and is therefore a match with SMEs and larger companies from the middle segment.
With PRO.CEED and PROOM you extend PRO.FILE to Collaborative PLM.
Three Products - PRO.FILE / PRO.CEED / PROOM - one goal:
PDM, DMS en PLM in one powerful solution.


Controlled data exchange with PROOM

PROOM is the central platform for document exchange and collaboration in technical companies (collaborative PLM). It provides an easy and confidential way to exchange documents with partners, customers, and suppliers. PROOM replaces conventional email and FTP solutions with modern, cloud-based project rooms.


  • using project rooms – also from within PRO.FILE
  • for secure processes with complete audit trails
  • you choose: you can run PROOM as SaaS or as a private cloud installation

Experience the benefits that PROOM offers and sign up for the 30-day no strings attached free trial.
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