As a PRO.FILE Competence Center for the Benelux, we implement PRO.FILE for you.
PRO.FILE is a PDM / DMS solution for managing, managing and integrating product data and documents throughout the complete life cycle of a product. The application provides end-to-end management and insight into business processes and can be integrated with major CAD and ERP systems. As a Product and Document Data Backbone, PRO.FILE forms the basis par excellence for the sustainable implementation of PLM processes. The PRO.FILE solution can be implemented quickly and easily and is therefore a match with SMEs and larger companies from the middle segment.
With PRO.CEED and PROOM you extend PRO.FILE to Collaborative PLM.
Three Products - PRO.FILE / PRO.CEED / PROOM - one goal:
PDM, DMS en PLM in one powerful solution.

PRO.FILE Product Configurator

Mastering the diversity of variants - optimizing the sales process

Is the sales process of complex products also a lengthy process for you?
Thanks to the PRO.FILE Product Configurator this process becomes more efficient. You create quotations for your customers quickly and without errors, even without the help of the engineering department. As a technology leader, we offer integrated variant configuration from sales to engineering. For maximum improvement of your business processes.

All those involved in the configuration process, will find their information and solutions in a targeted manner. Your employees in sales and marketing, the engineering department, your trade partners, customers and interested parties are led interactively to buildable and "permitted" products. Whether online or offline. Thus, on the basis of a defined set of rules within the product configurator, tailor-made variants are created which are buildable.

But it doesn‘t stop there

The PRO.FILE Product Configurator does more than just provide product configuration, pricing, and quoting (CPQ). It is designed to automate your CAD system and automatically generate parts, assemblies, and drawings for custom product variants. If you wish to achieve real end-to-end consistency, from initial inquiry to engineering and production, you can add the following modules to your Product Configurator to create a complete CPQ(E) solution!

  • 3D Visualization & Virtual Reality
  • ERP Automation
  • CAD Automation
  • PDM Automation

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