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Collect all drawings, documents and parts lists in one location and integrate your ERP system with the PRO.FILE Product Data Backbone.

Product development processes are getting shorter and shorter. In order to maintain an overview, it is important that product data is properly stored and that the correct documents can be retrieved quickly. With PRO.FILE all data and documents related to products, parts and materials can be managed at a very detailed level and forms the Product Data Backbone for all digital information relevant to a product. You use one system to manage all your product-related documents.
This requires seamless integration of PDM, CAD, ERP and Microsoft Office.
The result: transparent relationships between your product data, related documents and e-mails and insight into processes, customer satisfaction and compliance.


PRO.FILE is the data platform for interdisciplinary working in mechatronics

The harmonization of mechanics, electricity, electronics and IT is a precondition for the success of mechatronics projects. The different disciplines work in their own CAD and CAE systems with little or no possibilities to work together on each other's engineering data. PRO.FILE is the solution for achieving harmonization and careful coordination within mechatronics projects. This increases the efficiency of managing mechatronics projects within your company.
PRO.FILE automatically informs everyone who is involved in a project about the changes related to mechanics, electricity, electronics and IT. In addition, PRO.FILE will synchronize development and purchase.

The added value of PRO.FILE:

  • PRO.FILE manages product data and information flows across the boundaries of departments and functions as a bridge.
  • Thanks to PRO.FILE it does not matter if the departments work in different locations.
  • As a Product Data Backbone, it bundles all mechanical, electronic, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and software elements of a product in one common bill of materials.
  • PRO.FILE Systems Design functionality supports the various CAX systems. As a result the product structures come together in PRO.FILE and produce correct parts lists.
  • All related documents are stored together in the database and are accessible via a user interface.
  • PRO.FILE guarantees a clean and seamless process from development to transfer to the ERP system.
  • PRO.FILE Process Management coordinates work processes in all disciplines.
  • Mechanical engineers can view the planned electronic layout when designing the enclosure.
  • Electrical engineers know the dimensions of the housing and know where the drill holes are located on which a printed circuit board must be attached.
  • PRO.FILE automatically notifies changes to all parties involved.


  • Less iterations in the design process
  • Significant improvement in engineering and increase in output quality.

Eplan - PRO.FILE Connector - The solid integration between Eplan en PRO.FILE

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