Product Data

Collect all drawings, documents and parts lists in one location and integrate your ERP system with the PRO.FILE Product Data Backbone.

Product development processes are getting shorter and shorter. In order to maintain an overview, it is important that product data is properly stored and that the correct documents can be retrieved quickly. With PRO.FILE all data and documents related to products, parts and materials can be managed at a very detailed level and forms the Product Data Backbone for all digital information relevant to a product. You use one system to manage all your product-related documents.
This requires seamless integration of PDM, CAD, ERP and Microsoft Office.
The result: transparent relationships between your product data, related documents and e-mails and insight into processes, customer satisfaction and compliance.

CAD Data management

Central data management with multi-CAD support

Working with the design system (CAD / CAE) is the primary and most common activity of engineers. For this reason Engineering Data management must be supported by PDM systems in such a way that these creative activities can be optimally implemented and they are relieved of daily routines.
PRO.FILE supports multiple CAD systems. Regardless of which CAD system you use or your customers expect you to use, PRO.FILE integrates effortlessly with the CAD or CAE software of your choice. Thanks to the intelligent CAD integrations of PRO.FILE, all CAD models, including their elements and references, are protected and safely stored in the electronic safe.

  • You use one system to manage all your CAD data and product related documents.
  • You can be confident that all your variants are well documented.
  • You can access your change history at the touch of a button.
  • Your bills of materials are automatically sent to the ERP system.
  • You can safely exchange complete assemblies with external companies.

PRO.FILE is the Multi-CAD solution, it supports the most important MCAD and ECAD systems.

More info of PRO.FILE CAD Integrations

The added value of PRO.FILE for your CAD data management:

  • PRO.FILE makes a decisive contribution to increasing the efficiency and performance of the design department. The time for requesting documents is shortened, the quality of the drawings and compositions is increased, and the life cycle process becomes more transparent.
  • PRO.FILE stores all model data and references in the electronic safe and database. Nothing is lost.
  • The PRO.FILE check-in and check-out exclude conflicts when adjusting in competitor engineering situations.
  • With high-quality integrations in CAD and CAE, PRO.FILE supports multi-CAD environments and makes systems engineering available in Mechatronics.
  • When parts are used in other assemblies PRO.FILE shows an overview of all existing references and in this way offers protection for changes in other parts and assemblies.


  • increased quality
  • lower costs
  • high transparency
  • Accelerated lead time

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