PRO.FILE Product Lifecycle Management; Manage and automate PLM processes

The success of your business is largely determined by the contribution that projects and processes make to the profitability of the company.
PRO.FILE is the no-nonsense solution for the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) process for industrial organizations and offers a company-wide solution for managing product data over the entire life cycle of the product (from design to end-of-life). PDM, PLM, DMStec and archiving in one system that organizes all your design and product data based on your own product structure and within which you yourself arrange how you manage and manage your documents. The basic components are an electronic vault / database for storing all product data, product structures and bills of materials and engineering data (CAD). Access to the data in it is done via a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and is protected and controlled via user rights. By assigning digital lifecycles / workflows the status of the data is recorded and per document the possibilities are determined, for example whether it is allowed to make an overhaul or to make a change in the data. Because all information is stored in a database, the retrieval of data and reuse of parts is increasingly possible and more effective.

ERP Integration

Integrating CAD and ERP ensures that the work transfer proceeds quickly and smoothly.

Synchronize bill of materials and project structures automatically by integrating your PDM system with your ERP solution and thus put an end to the cumbersome manual entry of parts. Not only do you save time, but you can also provide the purchasing department with correct information as input for purchase orders. PRO.FILE integrates with the most prominent ERP systems. This ensures a seamless connection between departments such as administration, management, design department and production. Thanks in part to the open architecture PRO.FILE offers the possibility to exchange data in real-time between all departments. PRO.FILE can play a key role in connecting the production department and the engineering department. With PRO.FILE all important data concerning projects, product data, assemblies, BOM lists, CAD models, technical drawings are directly on the questions in the ERP system.

  • Multi-CAD and multi-ERP
    Supports the most important MCAD and ECAD systems. Equipped with reliable ERP interfacing for seamlessly connected processes.
  • Integral solution
    The all-in-one solution for PDM and DMStec, a new category of DMS solutions specially tailored to technical companies.

The added value of PRO.FILE:

  • PRO.FILE automatically transfers both article data and parts lists 1 to 1 to the ERP system.
  • The PRO.FILE ERP Server connector provides the ERP user with the necessary information for production for the planners and purchasers.
  • PRO.FILE provides this information to designers, without requiring ERP access.
  • The transfer of bills of materials and materials to the ERP system via Excel sheets runs smoothly and quickly
  • Parts with long delivery times can be purchased in time
  • Engineers know which parts are current and available quickly and what they cost.
  • No genesis or loss of time due to the need to make adjustments afterwards due to logistical reasons
  • The integration between PRO.FILE and ERP systems is based on a generic standard with which connections based on XML or Microsoft BizTalk Server are realized.


  • Non-productive hours and errors are avoided.
  • Lead time from engineering to production planning and purchasing is shortened.

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