Datamanagement for companies within the Manufacturing Industry that develop complex projects and / or products requires one integrated solution

Within our different solution directions we offer one integrated PDM / DMS solution for managing and integrating product data and documents during the complete life cycle of a product. As a Product Data Backbone PRO.FILE is the foundation par excellence for the sustainable implementation of PLM processes. This creates end-to-end transparency and insight into business processes and integrates with the most important CAD and ERP systems.
With us you are in good hands for Document Management, Product Data Management, Project Management, Process Management and Product Lifecycle Management.

More on PLM Xpert solutions:

  • PRO.FILE is the solution for the management of all project, product, design and development data
  • Easily fits into your existing IT environment with seamless integration with all leading CAD, ERP, CRM, E-mail systems and Office applications
  • Provides a central storage for all data and documents
  • Increase of transparency and efficient cooperation within and outside the company boundaries
  • Is versatile and scalable
  • PRO.FILE makes your work easier and creates new possibilities.
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