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  • PRO.FILE Webinar

For technical companies it is important to be able to manage product-related data and documents in one solution and in one central place. Loose point solutions that store data in isolation do not meet the current requirements of tech companies. In this webinar we will discuss this and show that PRO.FILE, as a Data Backbone, connects all departments and supports the increasing digitization.

22/09/2023 09:00 - 09:45
45 minutes

This webinar will be presented in Dutch. Please contact us if you wish to attend this webinar in English.

Many companies have implemented an ERP and/or DMS/ECM system designed to automate business workflows and documents typically found in departments such as Logistics, Procurement, Finance, and Human Resources.
In addition, separate point solutions for CAD Data Management and BOM Transfer are often also implemented at Engineering.
However, there are areas for which ERP is not designed and where loose point solutions have reached their limits too quickly.
Technical companies need to be able to manage product-related data and documents in one solution in one central place.

PRO.FILE offers the solution: a central source for the storage of data within your company. PDM / PLM and complete DMS in one system and ensures that knowledge is secured, is easy to retrieve and prevents knowledge from being lost. All departments have central access to the same data.

Topics during this webinar:

  • Why the manufacturing industry needs a digital platform. One source of information for the entire product lifecycle
  • How a fully integrated Product Data Backbone within your company links your product data to the right documents
  • PRO.FILE Practical examples
  • Summary, questions and answers

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