PRO.FILE Product Lifecycle Management; Manage and automate PLM processes

The success of your business is largely determined by the contribution that projects and processes make to the profitability of the company.
PRO.FILE is the no-nonsense solution for the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) process for industrial organizations and offers a company-wide solution for managing product data over the entire life cycle of the product (from design to end-of-life). PDM, PLM, DMStec and archiving in one system that organizes all your design and product data based on your own product structure and within which you yourself arrange how you manage and manage your documents. The basic components are an electronic vault / database for storing all product data, product structures and bills of materials and engineering data (CAD). Access to the data in it is done via a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and is protected and controlled via user rights. By assigning digital lifecycles / workflows the status of the data is recorded and per document the possibilities are determined, for example whether it is allowed to make an overhaul or to make a change in the data. Because all information is stored in a database, the retrieval of data and reuse of parts is increasingly possible and more effective.

Import XL - Fast and automatic input of external data

Companies often receive data from third parties such as bills of materials or drawings where it is of great importance that they are documented in PRO.FILE in a structured manner. Manual entry of this data requires a lot of time and discipline. Especially for this purpose, PLM Xpert has developed the Import XL to automatically import documents, parts lists and projects into PRO.FILE.

Companies are also faced with a lot of time pressure when implementing a product data management system such as PRO.FILE. New orders require a clear and structured way of working but also give little time to switch to a new system. With the Import XL, documents, product structures and projects can be entered automatically in PRO.FILE.

The Import XL is specifically designed for importing files and PRO.FILE objects into PRO.FILE from a Microsoft Excel file. The Microsoft Excel file contains metadata about the relevant objects such as classification, description and the file location according to a specific layout. A new import using the Import XL results in a structure in PRO.FILE with the corresponding files as desired.

What if you get lots of product data, structures and documents in Excel sheets and you need to get it into PRO.FILE?
Import XL offers a fast and easy way of importing files and PRO.FILE objects in 3 easy steps.

  1. Settings: Set the Excel file and choose if existing files shouuld be overwritten or versionized.

  2. Mapping: Map the metadata to the PRO.FILE fields. Using Import XL, it’s possible to automatically create structure betwen projects, documents and parts. Import XL checks if objects already exist and wil overwrite or versionize those object according you wishes.

  3. Start the import: The progess of the import will be shown. After importing, PRO.FILE shows the newly created objects and the predefined structrure as in the Excel. Using Import XL saves time and decrease the chance of faults creating the objects manually.

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